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Because it is very acid and acid breaks down grease.

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Q: Why is lemon juice used in cleaning products?
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Which products can be used for environmental cleaning?

There are actually quite a few natural cleaning products within your household that can be used for cleaning like lemon juice for example. It is a well known cleaning agent which is why there are cleaning products with a lemon scent to them.

Can lemon juice can be used for cleaning?

Yes, mixed with salt it was a cleaning product used in Victorian times.

What products would be used to clean this microwave?

Any cleaning agent in the market would do the job but if you are looking for a cheaper way, try using lemon juice/soap and a sponge.

Can you use the lemon juice from the store in hot water to drink?

Yes! Lemon juice can be used in hot water. Lemon juice can be used for cooking & drinking!

Is lemon juice catalyst or inhibitor?

Lemon juice can be used as catalyst in organic chemistry.

Why is lemon juice used for cleaning.. what makes it work?

Lemon Juice and salt cleans items, because of the concentration of citric acid in it. This eats any bacteria that are going around. Lots of people use it to save money, from buying detergent.

Can you use lemon juice to clean leather?

Vinegar can be used to clean leather. You can pour vinegar on leather and let it dry, or blot the leather with a vinegar soaked cloth.

What is a lemon juice diet used for?

Lemon juice is sometimes used by people to help cleanse the body. Some people like to have warm water with lemon juice as an alternative to coffee and tea.

What is the mixture of lemon juice to kill ants?

A mixture of lemon juice cannot be used to kill ants.

Can you use lemon juice in place of real lemons for aid in losing weight?

Lemon juice can be used in place of or along with freshly squeezed lemon juice to aid in weight loss. The lemon juice speeds up metabolism in either form of the juice.

What is uses acid and bases?

Acids and bases are used in cooking (lemon juice & baking soda), chemistry (sulfuric acid and etc), and cleaning (bleach & soaps).

What should used to clean copper pennies?

Mostly as I know, lemon juice or vinegar can be used to clean copper pennies. You can let soak in for a while to clean them. Good luck in cleaning them!