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For the conduction of electricity, the conducting species must be charged either +ve or -Ve. In case of liquid ammonia all molecule are in NH3 form i.e. neutral so it is non electrolyte but it's aqueous solution is get dissociate as

NH3 + H2O = (NH4)+ + (OH)-

this ammonium and hydroxyl ions are available for conduction of current!

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Q: Why is liquid ammonia a non electrolyte but aqueous ammonia an electrolyte?
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What is an example of a non-electrolyte aqueous solution?

Sugar is an example of a non-electrolyte when it is not dissolved in water.

Is ammonia an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

Ammonia in water is an electrolyte. It forms ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH), which is a base, and basic solutions are electrolytic.

Is ammonia a strong weak or non-electrolyte?

Amonia is actually a weak base. Therefore it is a weak electrolyte.

Is ammonia a eletrolyte or non-eletrolyte?

Water ammonia solution is an electrolyte.

Is water non electrolyte?

yes, pure water is a non electrolyte liquid.

Is H2SO4 an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

No, H2SO4 is an electrolyte, as it produces hydronium ions in aqueous solution.

Is acetic acid an electrolyte of non electrolyte?

acetic acid is a an electrolyte becase in its aqueous form it can conduct electricity i dont believe anything can be an electrolyte of a non electrolyte

Is CH3NH2 an electrolyte?

No, certaily not. It is a non-electrolyte, much weaker than pure water.

What kind of particles will be found in a liquid compound which is non-electrolyte?

The kind of particles in a non electrolyte are those that do NOT dissociate or ionize. So, one particle of a non electrolyte remains as 1 particle. If it were an electrolyte it would dissociate into more than 1 particle.

What is a household example of a polar liquid and a non-polar liquid and a strong electrolyte and an emulsion?

Polar liquid: waterNon-polar liquid: oilstrong electrolyte: salt wateremulsion: moisturizing lotion

Is NH4NO3 strong weak or non electrolyte?

Lead nitrate is actually Pb(NO3)2 It is a strong electrolyte.

What are examples of an aqueous solution?

An example of a non-electrolyte aqueous solution is polyethylene glycol. Non-electrolyte solutions are the kind that do not have ions (cations and anions) in them.