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because it is a method of systematized body of tried and true knowledge which is concerned with the rectitude of reasoning. It follows a process of making a falsifiable hypothesis, testing this hypothesis with experiments and refining a new hypothesis based on the outcomes.

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Q: Why is logic considered science?
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What define logic as an science?

Yes, Logic is now considered a branch of Science not of Philosophy anymore. In the old days Logic is formerly a branch of Philosophy.

Is logic social science?

No, logic is not considered a form of social science; it is usually treated as a branch of mathematics, particularly when used to design computer programs, but sometimes it is a branch of rhetoric or oratory, or of philosophy. Science certainly uses logic, but logic is not a form of science, since science is based on observation and logic is based purely on abstract thought.

Is logic an art?

logic is a science

What makes logic a science?

Logic is generally considered to be a branch of mathematics, rather than science. It is based on abstract reasoning rather than examination of nature.

Who is a Greek philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great considered one of the fathers of western thinking based on logic and science?


What is science beyond logic?

Evidence & testing. Logic proves nothing.

How is science different from logic?

Science is concerned with understanding the universe in which we live, and logic is a purely abstract discipline concerned with understanding how to think.

How has hellenization left contributions in science education and literature?

The science of logic

Is logic a science or an art?

It's a science for those who do not know that it is an art.

What are the importances of logic science?

science rocks sorry dont know the answer

Science is two things what are they?

logic and truth?

What is called science of reasoning?

It is called "Logic".