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The matai system is a chiefly system of tradition dating back to before any colonialism and missionary arrivals. Its important to the Samoans because it makes us who we are. It is our tradition and heritage. Passed down from generation to generation. Like ANY nationality, our traditions and culture is what makes a Samoan be proud to be Samoan.

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Q: Why is matai important to Samoan people?
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What is the Samoan word for prince?

Matai or atali o le Matai

What is the Samoan word for title?

Matai, suafa, igoa

What does the Matai name Apaula mean?

What does mati mean in samoan?

What is a saofa'i?

Saofa'i is a Samoan election feast for a matai, or family head.

What is Samoan matai?

Matai is translated as a high chief of a village/family.

What is tusaga?

A "tusaga" in Samoa or the Samoan language is a donation. It is usually made by an individual or family to be part of the "Si'i" which is an offering from one "Aiga" (family) or "Matai" (Chief) to another as part of a ceremony for a funeral, wedding, or other important event. Si'i are presented to Minister's, Matai, and other VIP's as part of these cultural events.

Why is the Samoan language important to Samoans?

It could be because tradition and culture is important to the Samoan people. As a sense of belonging, language is also considered just as important when identifying that you are a proud Samoan.

What is the English name for Matai?

Matai in English means chief in soaman

When are you coming back in Hebrew?

to a male: matai takhazor to a female: matai takhazri

When was Matai Smith born?

Matai Smith was born on 1977-05-02.

When was Steve Matai born?

Steve Matai was born on 1984-08-05.

Why is the sasa important to the Samoan culture?

because its only a samoan traditinal dance! and its important to its culture and dance!