Why is methanol a hydrocarbon?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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because methane is a hydrocarbon!

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Q: Why is methanol a hydrocarbon?
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Is methanol a saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon?

No, because hydrocarbons consist of only hydrogens and carbons. The suffix "-amine" means that there is a nitrogen somewhere in the formula.

What compounds is an example of hydrocarbon sucrose butane or glycerine or methanol?

sucrose is a carbohydrate.butane is a hydrocarbon.glycerine and methanol are alcohols.

Is methanol an aromatic hydrocarbon?

Yes. It is a polycyclic aromatic. A white solid, it consists of two benzene rings "fused" together, sharing two carbon atoms. It has a formula of C10H8. It has a distinctive smell, and is traditionally used as "mothballs".

What hydrocarbon is CH3OH?

CH3OH, or methanol, is an organic compound. It is also known as wood alcohol and is both highly flammable and toxic.

CH3OH is an example of what kind of hydrocarbon?

CH3OH is an alcohol, in particular methyl alcohol or methanol. The OH is the alcohol functional group.

Is CH3OH an example of a hydrocarbon?

Methanol. CH4 is Methane. OH is an alcohol (so you ad the "ol" ending). So you get: Methane + ol --> Methanol. It is a poisonous alcohol commonly synthesized from methane gas (natural gas), typically of petroleum origin, but also possible from natural "biogas". It is used in "racing fuel", biodiesel production, as well as a solvent.

Is hexane soluable in methanol?

Octanol is more soluble in hexane because it has a longer nonpolar hydrocarbon chain.

Is methanol more soluable than methane?

Yes, methanol is CH3OH and methane is CH4. Methanol is polar (because of the O-H bond) and methane is non-polar (because it is a hydrocarbon.) Water (which is polar) will dissolve other polar things, but not non-polar things.

Does CH3OH bead up or spread out on wax paper why?

methanol is a pretty non-polar solvent so it can dissolve the wax(long chain hydrocarbon) on waxpaper and it also has lower surface tension than water

What is methanol's shape?

methanol is liquid

What compounds are found in methanol?

Methanol is an alcohol and consists of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen its formula is CH3OH

Is H3C--CH3 a functionalized hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon?