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More homework helps you practice your work and learn more of the material - up to a point, then it just overwhelms you and you get frustrated. So you should have homework like the three bears - not too much or too little, but just right.

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You don't, really, or you'd be doing homework until after midnight every night if you started right after you got home!

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Q: Why is more homework better for students?
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Why does homework make students lazy?

Homework makes students the opposite - it helps them learn to be more responsible and get better grades.

Is there any relation between the grades of students who do homework and students that don't?

Of course there is. The more you practice what you're learning, the better you know it and the better your grades will be. Homework is practice to help you learn better.

Why do students do homework?

So they can learn the material and make better grades

Why do some students not do their homework?

Mostly because they are immature and don't really understand how it helps them make better grades and learn more.

Who is usually more excited about ending school the teachers or the students?

Students because there is no more homework.

Does homework help students overcome their shyness?

It probably can because homework is practice you are taking home to learn better so if you practice something more then when you learn it you wont be shy to say the answer.

Will doing more homework help students do better on exams?

In my opinion studying is much more effective. Homework helps you to better understand the work from class. Some subjects like math and science require practice in order for you to become really good at them, so homework is more important than "studying." Studying only works if you understand what you are studying, which is where homework can help.

How does homework refresh students minds?

Homework is practice to help you learn, and it also teaches you to be more responsible. It keeps your brain alert the same way that exercise helps your body to be healthier - the more you use something, the better you get at it.

What perecentage of students do better if they do homework?

An exact percentage is not available, but it would be high, possibley even in the high 90s, It is only reasonable to assume that if you do your homework, you will do better in school.

Do they get homework in Spain?

Yes. Spanish students have homework, just like students in all other Western schools. Spaniards typically have as much homework as other Western Europeans, which is slightly more than American or Australian students.

Do students in Finland have homework?

Yes, students in Finland have homework

Does homework help students learn more?

Any practice that you do -- such as homework! -- is going to improve your knowledge.