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Possibly originated in Mississippi and started being called Mississippi mud pie/cake because it looked like the thick mud that was along the banks of the Mississippi river, in later years as "Mud Pie/cake" became more main stream it just got called Mud Cake.


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Most likely not unless it is a mud cake

because sandstone is a porous media meaning it have a lot of pores then mud filtrate (its water) can enter the rock but the solids of the mud cant hence mud cake form.shale is a porous media too but its pores not connected together so mud cant enter the shale and mud cake don't form.

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mud pie is called mud pie because it looks like pie and it is made of mud

what do you think, heck nooo!

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They can come out of the water and skip on mud, that's why they are called mud skippers.

For no more than 8 hours.

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in a house, the mud room would be called le vestibule or l'entrée. In a sports installation, the mud room is called 'le vestiaire'

A flat topped mud brick tomb is called a mastaba.

Applying a mudpack is called a daub. A coat or cover of plaster, clay or mud.

No, its a brownie; if it was a cake it would be called a cake. Brownies are denser and chewier than cake.

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