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Natural gas, which is largely methane, releases less carbon dioxide when burnt than the other fossil fuels, coal and oil. So it is the least polluting of the fossil fuels.

However, natural gas, or methane, is released into the atmosphere by belching cattle, anaerobic decomposition in landfills, and melting tundra and lake beds. It is a greenhouse gas 21 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide, so when it escapes into the atmosphere, it is very polluting.

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Q: Why is natural gas least polluting?
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Which fossil fuel is the least polluting?

Natural gas releases less carbon dioxide pollution when burnt than either coal or oil.

Which fuels are less polluting?

CNG(compressed natural gas) bio gas

What source of energy is the most polluted?

Coal is the most polluting, then oil, then natural gas.

Why CNG and gobar gas is less polluting?

Because it is a natural source and does not contain harmful gases.

What is the most non renewable source of energy?

Coal is the most polluting, then oil, then natural gas.

What is the least polluting non-renewable energy source?

Hydrogen least pollution Methane lowest carbon footprint of any fossil fuel Nuclear no carbon and used more than any other

Why cooking gas is less polluting?

Cooking gas or natural gas like all other gases is pollutant. However, it is considered less polluting and can be used at home for cooking purposes as it is directly coming from the pipes and not burnt to provide energy like coal and electricity.

Which nonrenewable resource produces the least pollution?

Natural gas. Of the three non-renewable fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), natural gas (methane) produces the least carbon dioxide and other pollution.

Burning which fossil fuel - coal oil and natural gas - contributes least to global warming?

Burning natural gas contributes least to Global Warming.

Which fossil fuel causes the least pollution when it burns?

== == Natural gas is the cleanest. It produces the least amount of carbon dioxide per unit of energy released than the other fossil fuels like coal and oil. To get the same amount of heat, natural gas produces 30% less CO2 than burning oil, and about 45% less than burning coal.

Which fuel causes the least pollution when it burns?

Natural gas

What are the least expensive and least polluting fuels used in automobiles?