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Nitrogen is a major nutrient or macronutrient for microbes as wells as other organisms. Absolutely essential for aminoacids and protein synthersis. Deficiency cause many disease related to protein deficiency and microbes will not able to gro well so that is a reason that we add peptone in culture medium for microbes

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Q: Why is nitrogen essential to the growth of a fungus?
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Why is nitrogen essential to the growth of a fungus but not to the spread of rust?

A fungus is a living organism, while rust is not. (Answer should be correct, Old answer was incorrect and not helpful)

Because nitrogen is required for growth it is considered as an essential?


What element is found in most soils and is essential for plant growth?


Why do people put nitrogen in plant fertilizer?

People put nitrogen in fertilizers because nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrogen is essential for a plant's growth.

Which element is an essential nutrients for plant growth and is found in most soils?

Nitrogen. or potassium

4 elements essential to growth of producers in ecosystem?

carbon nitrogen hydrogen oxygen

Why farmers use fertilizers containing nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an essential plant nutrient, especially for growth. Some plants require more nitrogen than others.

Which three elements essential for plant growth do most fertilizers contain?

nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium

Is nitrogen a macronutrient?

Yes, nitrogen is a macronutrient. It is an essential element required in large quantities by plants, animals, and other organisms for their growth and development. Nitrogen is a crucial component of amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids, which are essential for the structure and function of cells.

What good is nitrogen in dry air?

Nitrogen is essential for plant growth. Also, human brains cannot handle 100%, we go lightheaded and serene.

Because nitrogen is required for growth it is considered an essential?

i have the same curriculum and the same doubt .....what im gonna answer to you is nutrient

How does artificial fertilizers work to exchange plant growth?

Artificial fertilizers provide radilly the essential elments like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash for plant growth.