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Oxygen is important to water because oxygen is an element in water. Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen, water would just be hydrogen, not water!

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Q: Why is oxygen important to water?
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Related questions

Why is water important in living organisms?

Water is important to living things because of oxygen. The oxygen in water helps living organisms maintain their respiratory process.

Will iron only rust if oxygen and water are presented?

Important is only the oxygen.

Why is oxygen important to bodies of water?

Aquatic organisms need oxygen to survive

Importance of dissolved oxygen in water?

oxygen is dissolved in water and is also important for the survival of aquactic animals and plants

What are the most important properties of water?

hydrogen and oxygen makes up water but i think that is the most important properties of water

What makes water important?

The thing that makes water important is that water transforms oxygen, contains carbon and assist in digestion, also cells needs water.

Iron rust easily near mountain?

It is not important; important is the presence of water and oxygen.

How is loosening of soil important to plants?

Plant roots need both oxygen and water. Loosening soil helps with oxygen and water movement.

What is biological imortance of air dissolved in water?

Oxygen can be dissolved in water. This is biologically important because animals that live in the water, such as fish, need to get oxygen from the water to perform respiration and live.

What two criteria are important for a planet to be habitable?

oxygen and water

Why oxygen is important to people and animals?

Oxygen is important on earth so that all the people and animal's can breath. It is also important to all of our vegetation, crops, and and all of our water supplies. Without oxygen life as we know it would cease.

What are the most important dissolved elements in ocean water?

Oceans are salt water, so sodium and chlorine are present in pronounced quantities. But oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2, which is carbon and oxygen) and a number of other important elements are also present. Consider that if there was no oxygen, fish and a number of other organisms would die. That makes the dissolved oxygen pretty darn important.

Which is more important food water or oxygen?

clearly oxygen, how else would you breathe? you can last 3 minutes with out oxygen, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food...

Why water is important to man?

Water is fundamental to all living organisms. Water and Oxygen form the basis of life.

Why are plants important to us?

Photosynthesis carbon dioxide + water=glucose+oxygen so they pass out oxygen to us

What are oxygens compounds and their uses?

Some oxygen compounds are acids and water is a oxygen compound and it's VERY IMPORTANT.

What are the most important elements found in drinking water?

The most important element is minarels. Oxygen and CO2 mixed together becomes water.

Does goldfish need oxygen?

Yes goldfish breath Oxygen. They get it from the water they live in. That is why it is important for them to have clean water to live in.yes it does or else XP its gone

Why do you think photosynthesis is so important?

It is how carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen on this planet. Without it, earth would be much like Venus. carbon dioxide + water + light energy → glucose + oxygen + water Photosynthesis is important because that is what produces oxygen! And oxygen is the same thing as air! WE NEED AIR!

Why are the oxygen carbon water and nitrogen cycles important?

They are important to bring back the elements. They are cyclic processes.

In the rusting experiment why is it important to cover the boiled water with oil?

it removes oxygen

What are most important elements needed by the human body?

oxygen, food, water

What are the three most important cycles in ecosystem?


What mineral is the most important for plant roots to grow?

water, sun and oxygen

What is the importance of BOD in water quality management?

BOD is otherwise known as biochemical oxygen demand. It is important to water quality because it decreases the amount of oxygen to kill bacteria.

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