Why is personal hygiene essential in the kitchen?

Hygiene refers to the set of practices associated with the preservation of health and healthy living. Hygiene is a concept related to medicine, as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living, although it is most often associated with cleanliness and preventative measures.

Good hygiene is important in taking care of yourself physically as well as emotionally. People often have infections because they don't take good care of themselves physically, which can lead to emotional difficulties as well

Now kitchen hygiene is important because:

Food poisoning is a serious health problem. It can cause sever illness and even death. Food poisoning can seriously damage the reputation of your restaurant if you are running a business related with food production. And a person who handles food-wheter you are a kitchen hand or food process worker, a shop assistant or a waiter- you have an important responsibility to handle food safely. So :

food safely. So:

• protect other people and yourself from getting sick.

• protect your reputation in the food


• protect your business.

• protect your job.

How you can keep kitchen hygiene:

Before Preparing Food. Washing your hands before you prepare food is very important to ensure you don't spread bacteria to your food. Wash them with hot, soapy water for at least 2 minutes before you begin working with food, particularly poultry or red meat. This will keep your food free from bacteria, and will ensure your food is healthy to serve once it's cooked!

After Preparing Food. Again, washing your hands for at least 2 minutes with hot, soapy water after you have prepared food (and before serving) will ensure you don't carry bacteria with you, thus potentially infecting you or others.