Why is polaris so useful?

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polaris useful becaused polaris forecast weather

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Q: Why is polaris so useful?
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Which stars are useful in the Northern Hemisphere?

polaris. Polaris is also part of the Little Dipper.

Why is Polaris useful for navigation?

It is useful because it is directly above Earth's north pole so if you were traveling north, you would know what to follow

Why is polaris useful to sea trawlers?

Polaris is the North Star that the fishing or shrimping vessels use in navigation. eD.

What makes Polaris useful for nighttime navigation?

It points due North.

How does the position of Polaris help people?

There are a couple of reasons that make Polaris, the north star, very useful. First of all, Polaris is not DIRECTLY above the North Pole; it's about two thirds of a degree off. But that's close enough so that if we assume that Polaris is exactly above the North Pole, you won't go very far off. So if you can see Polaris, you know which direction is north. If you measure the elevation angle above the horizon of Polaris, your reading is your latitude. No calculation is necessary!

Why is it so cold at Polaris?

It isn't. Polaris is a star and therefore very hot.

Can you live on Polaris?

No. Polaris is a star, like our sun, so you could not live on it.

Why is the polaris a useful star?

Back in the old times in exploring through seas Navigators use Polaris to know where is north and to find out where they are just like using constellations.

What is polaris longitude?

Polaris is a star, not located on the surface of the Earth, so it doesn't have a longitude.

How stars are useful to man?

stars are used for polaris , ulsa minor and many others....

What is the horsepower of a polaris 500 snowmobile?

85 or so

Why can't you see Polaris from Australia?

Polaris is the NORTH pole star. Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so for someone in Darwin to point his finger at Polaris, he'd be pointing down into the ground.

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