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I take it you attend neither.

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Why is polytechnic graduates are better than university graduates?


What are the benefits between College graduates vs high school graduates?

College graduates can receive better jobs, and are likely smarter!!

Who is better university of Arizona or Arizona state university?

University of Arizona is better. #BearDown

What is better a certification or a university qualification?

University qualification is better !

What is the compare and contrast Colombia education to the US?

Colombian education is much better, graduates get better job offers

Is amity university better or chitkara university for architecture?

To study architecture, Chitkara University is better than Amity University.

Are pharmacy graduates better drug regulatory professionals than non pharmacy graduates?

Considering that the pharmacy educational program focuses a lot on the ethics and legal aspects of drug regulation, more so than any other profession it would be safe to say that yes pharmacy graduates are better regulators of medicines.

What University is Better University of Penn or Columbia University?

columbia university

Are all navy pilots graduates of Annapolis?

No - there are a lot more Navy aircraft than there are Academy graduates. Though Annapolis graduates tend to get better assignments, any college graduate with the proper degree (typically aeronautical engineering) can be a Naval Aviator.

Which university is better University of Nairobi or China medical university?

University of Nairobi and China medical university both are renowned universities for medicine. However; University of Nairobi is considered a better university.

Which is better kerala university or calicut university?

kerala university is better because it have a good syllabus and standard of education

Which university is better University at Buffalo or Rutgers University?


Is there any jobs for E and C Students for Polytechnic?

yes ...... but better to do be if you don't have money get job and from that do be you will also get service certificate

What is better Between 3 year Polytechnic Diploma in civil Engineering?

i am apply for civil engineering in 3 years diploma

Is Amity university better or IPU university for architecture?

IP university is better than Amity University because it has a government recognized University School of Architecture and Planning.

What university is better University of Florida or Florida state university?

University of Florida at present(2010), is regarded as a better institution overall in academics and athletics.

Is University of Mississippi better than Xavier university?

no it is not Xavier is better and has more talent

How successful are graduates of Ashford University at getting jobs?

Most of the students who attend ashford are already employed. About 74%, give or take, are successful after graduation because they already have jobs so they just get better jobs or a higher position.

Whos University is Better Michigan or Chicago?

Which university is better than another depends on what is important to you. For example, if staying in Chicago is important to you, then the University of Chicago is better.

Is the Ohio State University a better college or is Michigan University?

Its University of Michigan (UM), but overall UM is better. However, OSU is better at a variety of specific programs.

Which university is better Seattle University or Seattle Pacific University?

Seattle University for sure!

Is karunya university better?

Better than what?

Is aligarh university better than osmania university?


Is chitakara university better or ipu university better for architecture?

Chitkara University has a School of Planning & Architecture and it has an industry oriented curriculum hence it offers better services in terms of education in architecture than IPU university.

Is Manchester university better than Nottingham university?

When it comes to the student life, Manchester Universality is better than Nottingham University. When it comes to academics, Nottingham is better than Manchester.