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Why is preschool education necessity?


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February 26, 2011 5:29PM

While preschool can be very beneficial for children, it is neither necessary nor compelled in the US. By attending a preschool, young children learn social skills by interacting with other children their own age in a controlled setting. They are taught manners and politeness through these interactions. Sharing skills are also taught in preschools, as well as fairness and not to harm others.

Important life skills lesson are also given in preschool. Children can develop motor skills -- both fine motor and gross motor through art, drawing, and physical activities. They may develop the foundation for math skills and language skills through cognitive activities and activities involving numbers and the alphabet. They are exposed to culture and cultural awareness, and science though celebration of holidays, learning about the world and interactions with children different from them.

Preschool education is important because children are in a "window of opportunity" during their preschool years, a time when they are able to absorb information more than when they are older.