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Q: Why is radiation of heat useful for living organism?
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Is heat an organism?

no! no! no! an orginism is a living thing, heat is not living

Why don't humans go to the center of the earth?

Even if physically possible to dig a shaft that deep to provide access,no living organism could survive the heat and radiation down there.

How can you prove that all living things on earth emit radiation?

There are many forms of radiation. The radiation people usually think of is the radiation associated with nuclear decay; the radiation that comes from an X-ray machine or a nuclear bomb. However, radiation includes thermal radiation. This is the emission of heat. Since almost all chemical reactions result in the production of heat, and the metabolism of any living creature is essentially a very complex inter-related series of chemical reactions, all living creatures emit radiation: Living creatures require food ---> Food is broken down into nutrients and absorbed (this is a chemical reaction) ---> Chemical reactions generally produce heat ---> Living creatures radiate heat ---> Living creatures emit radiation

Do all living creatures use radiation as there way of heat transfer?


What cause heat stress?

heat stress in machines cause mechanical disadvantage, in living organism heat causes exhaustion and severe temperature.

What do you think will happen to the living organism if one of the components did not return to the atmosphere?

Sometimes the sun can kill alot of plants because of its very hot temperature or heat.

Is heat radiation called infrared radiation?

yes, heat radiation is called infrared radiation

Another name for heat radiation?

INFRARED RADIATION is also referred to as Heat Radiation.

What does a pyrometer do?

A pyrometer is a device that is used to measure thermal radiation, a type of heat energy. It is useful for those who work on heating houses or or who do any work where heat transfer is important.

Are living organisms a source of electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is common in living organisms. One example is infrared radiation (heat) given off by warm bodies. And we know that critters like sharks can sense magnetic fields generated electromagnetically by other critters they are searching for.

Osmosis in living organism?

osmosis is in living organism .osmosis is a flow of liquid from higher concentration to lower concentration . all living organisms undergoes this process.for eg: due to over heat our body undergoes osmosis process by emitting the sweat outside

What is the movement of heat in the form of electromagnet waves called?

The question is not very precise, so there could be a couple of answers you are looking for. If you mean what is the name of the process by which heat is removed from an object by emitting electromagnetic radiation then the answer is thermal radiation. Wikipedia has a fairly useful article of that title.