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Reading develops a higher level of vocabulary. Also, once the student is reading a book they also picture what they are reading in their minds, not only achieve a higher level in vocabulary, but in imagination too. You might wonder why they achieve a greater imagination, it's because once the student pictures what they are reading they can mentally see what might be happening if what they were reading was happening in front of them. Also, context clues. Context clues help the student understand what they are reading. EXAMPLE: 'Beside her bed, was a trunk, untop a crystal ball, glowing from the morning sunlight.' Now, TRUNK it's a homophone, sounds the same but differs meanings. TRUNK, could be: elephant's nose, another one is a storage chest. So, was the crystal ball on a elephant's nose or on a storage chest? A storage chest. Those are my examples of why students SHOULD read. ➜➜little.miss.chatterbox➜➜

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As corny as it sounds, reading writing and arithmetic are the fundamentals of education. Learning to write an essay is an essential skill for your career as a business executive. You will learn how to summarize the essay in a PowerPoint presentation and deliver your message. Even more importantly you will learn to effectively deal with Q and A after your delivery. Reading the pros and cons of an argument helps you form your own view, refine it, develop your own intellectual property and set the world on fire.

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Q: Why is reading useful for students?
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This question is a little vague, however I have been teaching extensive reading for the past 2 years and created my own extensive reading program. For extensive reading, I think it is a great way for lower level students and beginner readers. The focus of extensive reading to get students to read for fun and not worry about doing work, quizzes, worksheets, tests, interviews, etc. Pleasure reading allows the students to get engaged with reading and create a foundation of reading outside of school. As a teacher, this may not be ideal as assessment usually is not involved with teaching extensive reading, however extensive reading can be useful as a teaching strategy or activity in class. The founders of extensive reading, Bamford and Day (1998) wrote Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom. This book is a great starter for those interested in extensive reading and learning more about what it is and how it can help your students

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