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This is because science is not just the information presented (the product), but also the way in which that information has been collected (the process). While scientific knowledge should be testable and falsifiable (according to Karl Popper), the way in which such information has been gathered is also important. Science should be unbiased and experiments should be repeatable by different individuals. There are different philosophers who argue on the way science proceeds. (see Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos and Feyerabend)


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science is both process as well as product. the processes of science help in arriving at the product of science which in turn may lead to the process of science. law, principle, theory are products of science and observation, measurement, prediction,estimation, communication are the process of science

Product-oriented process is defined by the expected outcome. This is a project that will revolve around a particular product as the end result.

science can be all three or it can only be one depending on how you look at it. I look at it as a product

Science isn't a product, it's a process. Scientists can become assets, which would make them sort of like human products, and the results of the process are products.

Science is a process of understanding the world. Technology is a by-product created by our understanding.

Its both. Just like photography. The process is a science but the out come is art. How you get your final product.

psychology is defined as science of human behaviour and mental process.

in the science, motion is defined as a change in position

science has a dual nature . science is simultaneously reliable and changeable . acc to me science is a process , also a product and a way of explaining which has become a fact.

Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of

Process: How things are done, usually in order to produce a product. Product: What a company sells in order to make money. Products are made using defined processes.

Politics itself is not defined as a science, but political science, which applies the scientific method to the study of politics, is a science.

A manufacturing firm is a manufacturing company. Manufacturing is defined as the process of converting components, parts, or raw material into a finished product.

pure science is best defined as the ?

different science process

The product of science is knowledge. The application of this knowledge may be technology.

A product in science is what the reactants make up at the end of the experiment.

Irrigation_may_be_defined_as_the_science_of_artificial_application_of_water_to_the_land_or_soil.">Irrigationmay be defined as the science of artificial application of water to the land or soil.

Sort of. Science is a technique of asking questions based on explicitly defined postulates - and seeing if the answers you get (experiments) confirm or contradict those postulates.

The word acceleration is defined as a change in speed.

User-defined regions are regions defined by a special product or service.

Silviculture is defined as the process of growing trees for business.

Science is defined by the use of the scientific method.

the science of symbols in literature

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