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They have thick hair because they have layers of hair(:

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Are sea otters hair hollow?

sea otters do have hollow fur to help them float... so yes sea otters have hollow hair.

Why are sea otters hair so thick?

to keep out the water. the oily fur helps keep warmth in and water out!

Why is a sea otter's hair so thick?

because it wanted to grow thick

Why is sea otter hair so thick?

because it doesn't go to a saloon!

Why do beavers and otters have such thick fur?

So they don't get cold in the winter.

For what do people use Sea Otters?

People kill sea otters because they are the hairiest animal on earth! this is why people kill sea otters so don't kill them because of their fur or how much money you can get out of them.

What do sea otters do to the kelp forest?

Sea otters tangle themselves up in the kelp, while they sleep, so they do not float away

How do sea otters sleep?

Sea Otters sleep in groups while wrapped in seaweed so they do not float away. The Alaskan Sea Otter will occasionally haul out on ice or rocks and sleep. It is very uncommon for California Sea Otters to haul out.

What is so unique about a sea otter's coat and why is it vital for their survival?

it is very thick and it keeps them warm. Back in the 1700's over 15,000 sea otters were killed for there coats. And only 50 managed to escape.

How do sea otters lick their fur?

Sea otters are very flexible so they can reach every part of their body, kinda like a dog and a cat

What are Sea otter's are covered in?

Sea otters are covered in an extremely dense coat of fur, with 1,000,000 strands of hair per square inch (the densest of any animal on earth). Two different kinds of hair make up this coat: short underhair, which retains air and insulates the otter, and long guardhair, which prevent the ocean water from leaking into the underhair. It was because of this luxurious pelt that sea otters were so intensely hunted in the past--which was the primary contribution to today's decimated population of sea otters.

Does sea otters swim alone?

Sea otters actually do swim alone in case breakfast, lunch, or dinner passes by and they won't have to fight over the meal, but sea otters do sleep in groups wrapped in seaweed, so they won't float away.

Why do sea otters groom so much?

Sea otters have to groom themselves regularly, in order to keep their coats waterproof, which also helps to insulate them against the cold.

Why do sea otters swim on their backs?

So their nuts dont get wet.

What are the enemies of a sea otter?

otters are plankton so it doesnt matter

Why do sea otters have webbed feet?

so they can eat its really true

How is the sea otters adapted to keep them warm?

Sea otters are adapted to keep warm by its thick and dense fur. It has two layers of fur; one a water proof guard layer, and then a shorter layer of fur underneath. Unlike most marine mammals, they do not use blubber to keep them warm. So they use their fur instead.

Why do sea otters have wide webbed feet?

Otters have webbed feet so they can swim better than not having webbed feet.

How are Sea otters and the ecosystem related?

sea otters swim in the water and lay the eggs so then u can take theeggs home and wait till they hatch ...that is so true because iu saw it on another website

Why do sea otters wrap themselves in seaweed?

To anchor themselves so they don't drift out to sea while sleeping

Are sea otters mean to people?

Nope! They aren't shy around humans like most animals, but they are big show-offs and play around kind of like dolphins. I love sea otters so much, they are so adorable.

How thick is black hair?

It is not the colour of the hair that determines its thickness/thinness. It is the hair itself. So, black hair could be thick, thin, curly, straight. It depends on what genes you have inherited for hair type.

Are sea otters scared of us?

Yes, at least I think so. Humans kill otters and sell their fur. Also, oil spills affect their habitat.

Can someone tell me 6 sea otter facts?

Sea otters are the heaviest otter species in the world, largely due to their fur. Since they don't have a blubber, they rely on their thick fur to insulate them.Sea otters live along separated patches along the coast of California, Canada, Alaska, and the north eastern peninsula of Russia.Despite popular belief, the sea otter is not related to seals or sea lions. In fact, it is a member of the weasel family. I personally think it resembles a large marten with smaller ears.A sea otter will typically live for fifteen to twenty years.Sea otters are one of the few animal species caught using a tool. Most sea otters will carry a rock with them. When the go underwater, they get a sea urchin, bring it back above water, and crack it open with the rock so they can eat the inside.Sea otters can actually sleep in the ocean without drowning. They can tie themselves to kelp beds, which prevents them from floating off, and keeps them above water.

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