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Why is silicon a metalloid?

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it is a metalloid because it is a metal and non-metal at the same time

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Yes. Silicon is a metalloid.

No,silicon is a metalloid

no it is not a nonmetal. Silicon is a metalloid

Silicon is a metalloid.

Silicon is a metalloid.

No. Silicon is a metalloid.

Silicone is not an element Silicon is a metalloid.

Silicon is a metalloid.

Silicon is a relatively nonreactive metalloid.

Silicon (Si) is a metalloid.

the main metalloid in glass is silicon

No. It is a metalloid.

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is a compound.

Silicon is a nonmetal, a metalloid.

Aluminium is a metal, silicon is a metalloid.

Silicon is a metalloid in period 3.

silicon is classifiedas a metalloid because it posses both properties of metal and non metal

Silicon is a metalloid. Metalloids does not have all the properties of metals. Silicon does not have magnetism.

The metalloid Silicon has the Latin name "silicium".

Carbon, Silicon (a metalloid), Germanium (a metalloid),

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