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Perhaps valve cover gasket is leaking oil onto plug area

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Q: Why is smoke coming from your spark plugs on a 1997 Dodge Intrepid?
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What would cause a 1997 Dodge Intrepid smoke?

Could be a bad head gasket. You would get engine oil leaking into the cylinder heads and that would show as smoke out the tail pipe.

What causes 96 Dodge Intrepid with 3.5 engine start knocking with black smoke when press more throttle while driving?

Blowen motor

Why is your dodge 2003 leaking antifreeze and smoke coming out of tailpipe?

Most likely you have a blown had gasket.

1999 Dodge Intrepid smokes when started?

If it only smokes at startup and the smoke is blue this is normally a sign of worn valve seals or guides. White smoke is a symptom of blown head gasket. Black smoke is a symptom of overly rich fuel/air mixture.

How do you stop your Dodge Intrepid 2004 from smoking?

Oil always worked for me!!! ....You might have blown your headgasket! This means that your engine coolant is leaking into the oil in the engine and it causes smoke out your exhaust.

Why is black smoke coming through your dash vents in your 1994 dodge caravan?

Shut the car off and get out. Something is broken and if its producing smoke, it could catch on fire.

What can happens if you keep driving when smoke is coming from your ehxaust on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 3.2L v6?

First off, the color of the smoke will tell you quite a bit and also if it is safe to continue driving the car. Black smoke indicates an overly rich fuel mixture. Blue smoke indicates it is burning oil. White smoke indicates there is coolant entering the combustion chamber. White smoke, stop driving the car immediately as severe engine damage will occur. You probably have a blown head gasket. Black smoke, drive as little as possible until you can find out what is wrong. The overly rich fuel mixture can do damage to the catalytic converter, O2 sensor, and possibly cause the engine to run hot. So keep an eye on the temperature gage. Blue smoke, may foul the plugs, so drive it until you get a diagnosis from a professional as to what the problem is.

Why would a 1995 Dodge Intrepid turn over but not idle without giving gas as smoke and gas smell come from exhaust and check engine light stays on?

EGR Valve stuck open

Why do you get smoke coming through your vents on my 1999 dodge Dakota when you turn the heat on?

Sorry bad news Your heater core has a leak

What would cause transmission fluid to leak from a 1994 Dodge Intrepid making the hood smoke?

sounds like a leak in your transmission cooler lines. check the smaller hoses going to the radiator usually the bottom.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause my 92 lexus to smoke?

No, any smoke is coming from the engine.No, any smoke is coming from the engine.

How much does it cost to change a injector on a dodge durango?

At a decent shop, approximately $530.00 for diagnosis, smoke test and replacement including new plugs. This is for a 2002 5.7L V8.