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Why is social science considered a science?


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It studies the interactions in groups of humans. And, therefore, is a science. "If it studies any thing science may it be."

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By definition social science is science.

Yes, political science is a social science.

Yes, it is considered a social science because it has the most important characteristic of a social science: it studies the social life of groups and individuals.

Philosophy itself is not usually considered a social science. The most common social sciences are considered psychology and sociology.

It is considered a social science, such as psychology or sociology.

Social science is considered a "science" because it requires a method of investigation and study as does any other science, environmental, physical, etc.

it is because geography deals with the interaction of people and the environment thereby its a social science.

Because we socialize based on science and historical methods.

Probably not, but I could be wrong.

Because it involves people rather than land.

There are education courses that are considered a social science. However, the degree itself is typically an arts degree.

ecology is considered a social science in biology.

There are no categories under the heading of humanities that are not covered in the social sciences.

It deals with people; people are what makes up a society, hence "social".

Economics is a social science because it is a study of human behavior. Human behavior cannot be explained by physical law, so it's not a hard "science" such as medicine.

Psychology is considered to be a science. Psychology unlike usually thought of sciences is a social science and is about studying the mind.

Put simply, Political science is the study of who gets what, when, where and how. It is the study of how society orders itself into governing bodies.

Geography is sometimes considered a social science and would fit the description above.

social science because you are interacting.

No because it is not a type of science it is a form of social science

Yes, social science is, by definition (and methodology), a science.

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