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Because once manufactured it's zero emission and renewable.

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Q: Why is solar energy a good thing?
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What are the costs of solar energy?

pie is the best thing ever that is sometimes good and bad

What different things do sand and air do with solar energy?

good thing happen to shoes and we rain

Can electricity make solar energy?

No. Solar and electric are two different types of energy. The only thing that can produce solar energy is the Sun.

Where would solar energy be good alternative to using fossil fuels?

solar energy would be a good alternitive energy

How is solar energy sourced?

Solar energy is from the Sun and the Sun is the main thing for heat energy and light energy.The sun is the source of solar energy and it is heated from the SUN.

What is a good title for a project on solar energy?

Go Green with the Sun is one of the good title for a project on solar energy.

What is a good thesis statement for solar energy?

Solar energy is much cleaner than burning fossil fuels is a good thesis statement to use if the topic is solar energy. Another good thesis statement is that using solar energy makes America less dependent on other countries.

Is solar energy more efficient than electrical energy?

The two can't be compared. If you use solar energy, you'll also be using electricity - the electricity from the solar panels (unless you are talking about the other type of solar panel: the one used to directly heat water).

Is solar energy a good alternative of petrol?

Not many cars operate on solar energy, I doubt if it will catch on

Is solar energy a suitable source of energy for Singapore?

Yes Singapore is well placed to make good use of solar energy.

Good things about solar energy?

Solar energy is one of the environmental friendly ways to harness energy. It does not cause environmental pollution. It will be the energy of the future.

How are coal and solar energy simliar?

The only thing similar is each produces energy. The coal is the dirtiest form while solar is the cleanest.