Why is stamina needed in dance?


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Stamina is very important in dance as dance is a highly fatigues activity and stamina is needed to prolong your capability. So basically you need stamina to last longer during tiring activities.

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stamina is our confidence,

To dance for longer without stopping and getting tired.

it is needed because you can make sex

the man needed stamina to keep up in the marathon.

To play longer, stamina is mostly just back-up energy.

What age is needed to dance gumboots

good stamina, fitness and a life

Balance, stamina, and a bit of tactics.

In dance, technical skills mean to have some of these in your performance;Strength, Stamina, Expressive, Extensive, Posture and Alignment.

you need to know how to dance

Simple...... to last the whole 90 minutes of a game.

Stamina is needed because of the constant running and stopping needed to play it. When i played Football i was the running back and after you got a 20 yard run you are very tired and you almost need a break after just 20 yards.

The main components needed for football are speed, stamina, muscular power and flexibility. Speed is needed to get away from your defender or to catch up to the attacker. Stamina is needed so that you can run around a lot and not get so tired. Muscular power is needed to get above the defenders to make a header or to get possession. Flexibility is needed when you're a goalkeeper to dive and jump.

Strength:Well its almost the same as Stamina because you need to be flexible and have lots of Energy.


In football they have to run for 90 minutesand face fierce tackles, so muscles and stamina are needed.

the stamina or the the capacity to do sex is sexual stamina

Strength, stamina, and being physically and mentally fit!

a choreographer needs a dance degree for a particular type of dance

The main components of dance are: - Flexibility - Balance - Coordination - Stamina - Muscular strength - Muscular endurance - Agility - Timing - Speed - also your expression and emotion, ie; your connection with your audience

Yes because you need stamina, flexibility, determination, dedication and the technical elements. It envolves arms and feet.

skill, strength, speed, stamina, and the ability to wait.

it began in Mexico when a man needed a hat, so he did a hat dance. (for more information, see "rain dance")

* flexibility * experience in gymnastics/ dance * loud voice * facials * strong abs, arm, and leg muscles * stamina * good balance

If you will take a siesta before the fiesta, you will bolster your stamina for the dance!If you dream during your siesta, it may be prove to be quite revelational.

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