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Q: Why is stir fry popular in china?
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Where does stir fry originate from?

where does stir fry come from China. :)

Where does stir fry come from?

it comes from China

Who created the stir fry?

well it oraginally came from china so the chinese created stir fry

What is a stir fry?

what is a stir-fry

Why is a stir fry called 'Stir Fry'?

Stir fry is called Stir fry because it is made in a wok and you stir the meal to cook it, otherwise it burns, and also you fry it in a wok.

What country stir fry come from?

Stir fry originated in Asia.

What is the most popular food in Hong Kong?

Stir fry choi sum

What food group stir fry in?

Stir fry isn't in a food group, it is a method of preparing food. You can stir fry proteins, carbs and sugars. You can stir fry meat, grains, vegetables and fruits.

Do they eat stir fry in Mongolia?

Yes! the Mongolians do eat stir fry

Where does chicken stir fry come from?

Stir fry cooking originated in Asia.

Where can I find Chinese stir fry recipes?

There are many Chinese stir fry recipes available at online recipe sites. A very popular one is called Allrecipes however there are many others to choose from. There are also cookbooks available with Chinese stir fry recipes.

How many weight watchers points is a stir fry?

That depends on the individual stir-fry.

What are some vegan stir fry recipes?

Their are many vegan stir fry recipes. Some of them are garden fresh stir fry with seitan, vegetable fried rice, sweet and sour tofu, green bean stir fry and many more.

Does stir fry have to be in a wok?


Can you make stir fry with white rice?

You can make stir fry with pretty much anything you want.

What flavoring can be added to stir fry?

Soy and Worcestershire sauce make a very tasty stir fry.

How do you spell stir fry?

Well, I've only seen it spelled stir-fry in cook books.

How many calories are in a beef stir fry?

There are about 300 calories in 1 cup of beef stir fry.

What country does chicken stir fry come from?

china it was adopted by a guy called kwame yeboah mintah Japain

What side dish will go with chicken Stir Fry?

Chicken stir fry is good alone, but if you choose to add a side keep in mind what's in the stir fry. A nice light salad would be a perfect side to a stir fry. Or you could go the traditional route and do a simple rice, whether with vegetables or chicken. That's usually perfect with stir fry

Where can I find stir fry recipes?

One can find stir fry recipes from the following sites; Taste's Stir fry recipes collection, Allrecipes, Foodnetwork, BBC food recipes, and EatingWell.

What can you serve with stir-fry?


Does stir fry have vegetables in it?


Can you stir fry chicory?

of course!

What was the history of stir fry?