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If a business uses excess amounts of chemical X and Chemical Y to create chemical X2Y, it would be costly and wasteful. Using exactly 2 moles of X and one mole of Y will make the process much more efficient. And how does one figure all this out? Stoichiometry!

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Q: Why is stoichiometry important?
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Why is stoichiometry important to chemistry?

Stoichiometry is important to chemistry because it is how you find important things in chemistry like particles, grams, moles and liters.

What are the two kinds of stoichiometry?

Stoichiometry is the calculation of the various products and reactants in chemical reactions. The two types are reaction stoichiometry and composition stoichiometry.

How can you identify a stoichiometry problem?

When a problem has a label "stoichiometry" on top of it.

What is an example of stoichiometry?

An example of stoichiometry is any chemical reaction. HCl+NaOH->NaCl+H2O may be an example of stoichiometry.

How do you measure with a stoichiometry?

Stoichiometry is not a method of measurement, it is a concept for the ratios of reactants and products.

What is the ratio of the heart of stoichiometry?

The heart of stoichiometry is the mole ratio given by the coefficients of the balanced equation

How is stoichiometry used?

Stoichiometry is used to find the molar ratios between the reactants of a chemical reaction.

What are the Importance of stoichiometry in chemical reactions?

stoichiometry is very important in chemical equations because it tells you the relationship between substances in the same chemical equation. If you know the properties and relationship of one substance in the equation, you can calculate the relationships between all the substances in the equation.

Who uses stoichiometry?

Chemists do.

Stoichiometry is a subset of which discipline?


The mathematics of chemistry is called?


What is the best part of chemistry?


How do chemists use ratios?


Is there a type of chemistry that does not involve Stoichiometry?


What is stoichiometry all about?

Stoichiometry is about the Lavoisier's principle on the conservation of mass and elements in chemical reactions.[Cf. Related links on A. Lavoisier, below this answer]

What does stoichiometry deal with?

As stated in the category description: "Stoichiometry is a branch of chemistry which deals with the ratios of the reactants and products involved in chemical equations."

What has the author Keith F Purcell written?

Keith F. Purcell has written: 'Stoichiometry' -- subject(s): Problems, exercises, Stoichiometry

What does stoichiometry mean?

What is the social security of atoms?

What is the study of chemical calculations called?


What are practical uses for stoichiometry?

nothing at all

What is mol ratio used for?

Stoichiometry problems

How is stoichiometry useful?

Stoichiometry is useful because it is basically balancing equations and when you make food you have to balance the food spices out. It is useful everyday but not every hour.

Where does the word stoichiometry come from?

The term "stoichiometry" comes from the Greek words στοιχεῖον (i.e. stoicheion) meaning "element" and μέτρον (i.e. metron) meaning "measure".

What does stoichiometry use to relate moles of one molecule to moles of another?

Stoichiometry uses coefficient ratios to relate moles of one molecule to moles of another

What is the calculation of quantities in a chemical equations called?