Why is strength important in dance?


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Strength is important in dance is because it help you do anything with a partner the will be still right there

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strength is used in dance

you have to have balance and strength you use these in lifting people up in dance jumping.etc.

It gives you the strength to hold a movement or position for a period of time.

You need strength to dance because dancing takes up a lot of time and hard work.

strength is when u have to have the stength to lift someone.

Strength in dancing refers to the muscles resisting the weight of the dancer. All forms of dance require strength and can build strength over time. Dancers build strength by jumping, leaping, lifting, etc.

Dance is a beautiful sport and it is very difficult. in my eyes dance symbolizes strength and confidence. For instense, a female dancer shows her beauty and makes the dance look effortless. On the other hand, the male dancer shows his strength by helping the female and usually leads in a dance. Hope this helps symbolize dance!

It improves strength and flexibility, which you need for any other type of dance.

The answer varies by dance school and instructor, but the overall age answer is the same: age doesn't matter. It depends on when you started dance, how often you dance and what level you've reached. You should check with your instructor if you aren't sure how close you are to being ready. Things that are important: *Toe strength *Ankle strength *Calf strength *A good background of ballet There are special pre-pointe exercises that you'll begin when your body is ready and when you've had enough years to dance to start preparing for pointe. A good dance instructor will know a) when you're ready and b) what to tell you to begin.

Strength:Well its almost the same as Stamina because you need to be flexible and have lots of Energy.

Transverse Rupture Strength, Compressive Strength, and Tensile Strength

because its only a samoan traditinal dance! and its important to its culture and dance!

Yes, strength building is very important to bodybuilding. Strength goes along with building muscle. The more muscle you build, the more strength you will have and the bigger your muscles can get.

Joropo is the national dance. An important traditional dance though is Gaita

Dance teaches you: team work discipline listening skills incredible strength patience time management endurance

Yes technique is important in dance without it there would be no style or moves Angel Of Music...

He is flexing his arm to show strength and superiority

because it is important for footballers to have the strength

In dance, technical skills mean to have some of these in your performance;Strength, Stamina, Expressive, Extensive, Posture and Alignment.

Performance skills are important in dance as they portray the dance scientifically 20% more better than the original dance. Dance can be changed for the needs for others but with added Performance skills. I Hope This Helps Hina x

cuz flexibility helps u 2 dance

The strength is the quality of your people and yes, your people are your most important assets.

u strenthen up ur core and leg muscles

* helps people to get there feelings out and enjoy what they are there for * Dance is important because it helps people become physically fit.

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