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Magnetoception is a type of navigation used by some animals. It is navigation that uses electromagnetic fields, and has been observed in bacteria. It is useful because scientists might be able to come up with different types of navigation.

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How do animals use the earths magnetic field to navigate?

whales use it

What is a theory about how animals navigate long distances?

There are several theories, and each may be part of the answer for different animals. Some animals appear to rely on memory, such as migratory birds. Other animals appear to navigate based upon the Earth's magnetic field. Some use visual cues as well.

Which of these animals uses echolocation to navigate?


How do bacteria differ fro plants and animals?

bacteria lives plants and bacteria kills animals

Diffusion is important to?

1. animals 2. bacteria 3. plants 4. bacteria and plants 5. animals, bacteria, and plants Answer= 5. animals, bacteria, and plants

What are the studies of animals?

Zoology is the science of studying animals

How are bacteria different from animals?

Animals are mulitcellular and are eukaryotic. Bacteria is unicellular and is prokaryotic.

Where do Zoologist live?

Where a zoologist lives will depend on how they are studying animals. Those who are studying animals in a laboratory can live almost anywhere. Those who are studying animals in their natural habitat would have to likely live in the wild for a period of time.

How do animals use sound waves?

Bats can use it to navigate

What is echolocation?

It's a biological sonar that animals use to navigate and hunt.

What animals are scientists studying?


How do animals get bacteria?

Animals get bacteria due to their diet, their habits, and unclean food resources.

What things are affected by magnetic fields?

animals are affected by magnetic fields.

Why are some bacteria considered animals?

As far as I know, bacteria aren't considered animals. They are in the kingdom Monera, which animals are not. Bacteria do not sexually reproduce the way that animals do. Bacteria go through a process of simple fission while the process of reproduction for animals is a little more complicated than that.

How the DNA arranged in bacteria-viruses and animals and why?

How the DNA arranged in bacteria-viruses and animals and why?

Does bacteria take energy from animals?

Bacteria a re decomposers. They take energy from dead animals.

How bacteria can help the environment?

bacteria eats the did animals

Can cocci bacteria be found in animals?

Yes, cocci is only the shape of the bacteria. There are many types of cocci bacteria that can be found in animals. Cocci bacteria is round or circular.

What are you studying if you are in zoology?

animals and There Habitats and Habits

What is the person called when they studying animals?


Are dead animals hosts to bacteria?

Both living and dead animals host bacteria. If something is wet at all its very often covered with bacteria.

How were animals formed?

They evolved from bacteria and other animals.

What is the difference between animals and bacteria?

!) Animals are multicellular and bacteria unicellular. 2) Animals are eukarotes whereas bacteria prokaryotes. 3) Bacteria can be autotrophs but anaimals are usually always heterotrophs. 4)Bacteria have cell wall and other coatings which animal cells lack 5) Bacteria lack membrane bound organelles which animals have. 6) Bacteria have ONE chromosome per cell whereas Animals can have more. 7) Bacteria divide by fission whereas Animal Cells divide by Mitosis and Meiosis.

What are three methods animals use to navigate?

landmarks, the sun, and mental images.

Do fungi usually form symbiotic associations with animals and bacteria?

No, fungi can live without a relationship with animals or bacteria.

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