Why is suicide so popular?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Why is suicide so popular?
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Why are suicide silence so popular?

i guess depending on the evidence at the scene of suicide. I have my doubts on a few but not a 100 percent so its tough to say Ive never knew some of them just word of mouth i will try and find out but it may take me some time.

Where can you find suicide prevention videos?

You can find suicide prevention videos in popular media websites now a days. Such as popular TV channel's internet web page, like MTV or Nickelodeon. You can also find may videos of that nature in YouTube or search on Google for suicide prevention websites.

What was Robert youngs suicide attempt?

Robert Young was a popular television actor who played the Doctor Marcus Welby. I have never heard him linked with a suicide attempt but it is possible.

Why is the suicide rate so high in Seattle Washington?

***Seattle is not in the top ten suicide rated cities in the US. But it has had an increase of youth suicide recently. **** Youth or not, it's still suicide

What is the Islamic view on suicide and Suicide Bombings?

It is not acceptable under any conditions what-so-ever.

When was cimmitting suicide no longer a crime?

Your going to be dead after you commit suicide, so whys it matter?

What can Clorox bleach do if you drink it?

bLeAcH iS gOoD (for suicide)

Why was England known as the European Center of Suicide?

Because many Idians lived there and C-4 became a very popular novelty in the 19 century. So naturally many Idians put c-4 on themselves and belw up everywhere in Europe earning them the title the Center of Suicide. (:

Is suicide still on the tna roster?

I believe so, but if you ever see suicide, and not christopher daniels, its because suicide, is chris daniels. if you didnt know already. :)

How popular is elderly depression?

Depression is somewhat popular in elderly people. Whilst only 12% of the US population is of people 65 years old and above, the actually contribute to 16% of the suicide rate. Depression is one of the main conditions associated with suicide in older adults.

In tna who is suicide?

Suicide is Frankie Kazarian. But Kaz got a shoulder injury and Daniels took his place for a while so he could heal.

What type of suicide does a agnostic person commits?

Sounds cliche but... suicide isn't the answer for anyone... so... no kind. Really.