Why is the ABS warning light on in a Sable - Taurus?

The light is telling you there is a problem with your anti-lock braking system. There are too many possibilities to list as to why this is occurring.

The important thing is knowing the sensor is working like it is supposed to.

Note: If your brakes are about to fail the E-Brake light should be a brilliant red telling you there is a problem with the brakes.
As it is the ABS light, it tells me you still have complete stopping power but the anti skid is not going to work.

The unit that controls the anti lock braking system needs to be looked at and trouble-shooted. Generally, the ABS module that controls the anti-lock system is not designed to be repaired. They are made up of many components and are usually replaced rather than repaired.

The possibility of air in the unit will trigger the warning light.

If your brake pedal is spongy or goes to the floor slowly this will tell you there is still air in the system.

If you have done any work on the brakes that require bleeding of the system you will see that this process uses a lot of new brake fluid. There is no way around the bleeding process and it must be done correctly. When i bled my brakes it took 5 cans of brake fluid to bleed the system properly.

The bottom line here is, there is either air in the anti lock module or the anti lock module has packed it in and may need replacing.

I will include a web address that can point you in the direction for trouble shooting such problems. You may have to copy and paste it in your Web browser.

Good Luck and have a mechanic check your work. Especially the Braking System.
NOTE: Autozone now requires free registration to access the repair guides. More than worth the extra effort for these outstanding photo/illustrated instructions.
There is a problem with the anti-lock brake system. This is not a DIY repair. Seek out a professional for this repair.
There's a few things to check into:
  • Individual wheel sensors
  • Abs control module problems

There will be diagnostic trouble codes stored in the car's computer that will provide specific information about what is triggering the warning light. A Ford/Mercury dealer, brake shop, tire store, etc can retrieve those codes for diagnostic purposes.

it hopefully could be the fluid could be low in the reservoir. my 2000 Taurus break light kept going on and off and i just refilled the fluid and i was good. the abs light came on when the sensor on the wheel hub was bad.

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