Why is the Dead Sea named the Dead Sea?

because Jesus Christ took the sand of the dead sea and placed on a person who had a disease and he was healed

It is called dead because it is thought to be without life by most people. The high salt content in the water ensures there is no life in the waters resulting in a dead (lifeless) sea.

The Dead Sea is around 8.6 times more salty than a ocean. This salinity makes for a harsh environment where animals cannot flourish, because they cannot drink it, hence its name.

There is however some algae that actually thrive in this water. They are specially adapted and to my knowledge are not found elsewhere in the world.

There may also be bacteria called halophilis, an archeabactera that can survive in extreme conditions.

Metaphorically, the Dead Sea is called that because water does not flow out of it. All rivers lead in, none go out--as if the river dies in it.

There is a thriving tourist industry as people visit the lowest place on earth, float on the water and take the salt and mud baths.

Also there is chemical industry that extracts the salt and potash and sells it around the world.

Because its dead as opposed to other oceans with oxygen and living organisms in them.