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The NBA team in Los Angeles, CA is called the Los Angeles Lakers. The Major League Baseball team is called the Dodgers.


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No, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a baseball team.

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun, dodgers. However, it is more likely to be a proper noun, the baseball team named the Los Angeles Dodgers (formerly Brooklyn Dodgers).

The Los Angeles Dodgers team was established 1958.

A human being named Frank McCourt owns the Dodgers. He was able to pay for the team by using loans from FOX. FOX previously bought the team from Peter O'Malley.

No. The Brooklyn Dodgers were a Major League team who became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958.

The value of the 1988 Los angeles Dodgers Team signed baseball is $475.00

Same as the Los Angeles Dodgers, blue and white.

The men's basketball team is named the Boomers and the woman's basketball team is named the Opals.

The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in the 1950s. They are now known as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

no they have been the Los Angeles Dodgers since '58

Brooklyn, Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers's 2014 team salary is $238841005, 1st in the MLB.

Ladainian's favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

No! The san Diego padres suck and the los angeles dodgers rule ! !

Los Angeles Dodgers ... 2004 was his final season with the Dodgers.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a Major League Baseball team based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The team is in the Western Division of the National League. Established in 1883, the team originated in Brooklyn, New York, where it was known as the Brooklyn Dodgers, before moving to Los Angeles before the 1958 season

The san Diego padres suck! The los angeles dodgers are the BEST!

Frank Finch has written: 'The Los Angeles Dodgers' -- subject(s): History, Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball team)

Frank Howard. Howard, playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was named NL Rookie of the Year in 1960 and was a consensus 2nd team All-American for the Buckeyes in 1957.

There are No Teams in the NBA named the Tigers

The Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball 'team'); dodging defeat.

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