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Why is the TV show One Tree Hill called One Tree Hill?

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Tree Hill its the name of the town and theres only one Tree Hill

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Well, there are actually heaps of trees in the little town of tree hill. The tv show title is that there is only one tree hill in the world.

The town is called Tree Hill and in season one Karen tell Lucas: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home".

One Tree Hill for sure best tv show ever! <3

Nathan Scott does not die at all through out the show of One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill got its name from the town of Tree Hill it is actually a real place in the world however this show was not filmed there. They named it One Tree Hill, because it is their town and home where they share memories, experiences, family, friends, drama and relationships in this one place. There is only one tree hill...

is there even a first one?? Yes there is a first book , its called One Tree Hill . the beginning

Peyton and Lucas leave the show after season 6 however it is planned for them to come back for the last season of One Tree Hill in season 9

The One Tree Hill theme song is sung by Gavin DeGraw, and is called, "I Don't Wanna Be."

The name of their town is called: 'Tree Hill'... There doesn't have to be a tree... It's the name of their town... and im sure their are many trees.

it's a tv show....dude.

it is a tv show that comes on th CW

The premier of One Tree Hill Season Three was on October 5, 2005. The show ran from that date until May 3, 2006. It was 22 episodes long. It succeeded One Tree Hill Season 2, and preceded One Tree Hill Season 3.

I LOVE ONE TREE HILL ! i have always wanted to be on there show :) it would be so good i dont know how or where you audition but i want to know?

Karen left One Tree Hill in season six. She appeared in a total of 83 episodes including the pilot episode of the show.

peyton's real father in the show one tree hill is Mick Wolf, who is like some kind of rock star.

Nathan's dad is called Dan Scott on One Tree Hill. Dan is also Lucas's dad.

The type of business Karen Roe has in One Tree Hill is a cafe, which is called Karen's Cafe.

The Name One Tree Hill comes the saying "There's only one Tree Hill" from Karen in season one.

No there will not be a season 10 of one tree hill

It is Paul Teal. I think One Tree Hill was his first television show experience. That is his only credit on imdb.

One tree hill is called 'Maungakiekie' which means mountain of the kiekie. Kiekie is a native vine (Freycinetia banksii).

Yes, there will be a sixth season, but it will be the last for the show.

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