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Because they act like trains all the time and trains are awesome

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Q: Why is the ability of body cells to divide important?
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What is the considered the most differentiated cell?

Terminally differentiated cells are cells that have lost the ability to divide. Examples of these cells in the human body include skeletal muscle cells, cardiac muscle cells, and neurons.

What cells keep dividing in your body?

cells that divide into your body are plasma cells that keep you from getting sick or get a disease. cells are divide because the body needs cells to have energy. cells also divide when you run alote or exercise or even sit or sleep.

Do skin cells divide?

yes. all skin cells divide and divide and divide all over your body.

Why are Stem Cells important in the Developing Embryo?

Stem cells are pluripotent, that is, they have the ability to differentiate and become any cell type in the body.

Do adult skin cells divide?

yes. all skin cells divide and divide and divide all over your body.

What human cell undergo constant mitosis?

Labile cells (the kinds of cells that can divide throughout their lifetime) normally do so within the organ they constitute. Some examples of labile cells are skin cells, cells of the gastrointestinal tract, and blood cells; however, blood cells divide in the bone marrow and lymphocytes divide in the lymph nodes. Other kinds of cells in the body are either stable cells (that do not normally divide--this includes nerve cells) and permanent cells (that do not have the ability to divide.)

Why do most of the growth in your body occurs because your cells?


How does your body grows as you get older?

Your cells divide.

A process in which cells divide to form new body cells?


Why are cells from a blastula ideal to examine mitosis?

Unlike most cells in an adult body, an embryonic mass of cells is always dividing. Most cells in the adult body is quiscent and will not divide unless signals have been given to them to divide, and many cells such as muscle and nerve cells have even lost the ability to divide.

Where do cells divide?

Well they divide in your body but in during a process called Mitosis.

When the cells in the male and female parent divide do they form body cells or sex cells?

Sex cells.