Why is the atomic bomb is deadly?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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It's just the nature of atoms; when atoms fission or split, they release huge amounts of energy. Now multiply the amount of atoms split by the trillions, even by the sepetillions, and you have one explosive device no one wants to have dropped on.

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Q: Why is the atomic bomb is deadly?
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The enola gay carried a deadly what to hiroshima?

The First Atomic Bomb

Why was the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima important to history?

It started WWII and a start to a deadly war revolution.

Why did the atomic bomb in nagasaki have such a horrific outcome?

The bomb was a plutonium implosion type. The blast was large and the radiation fallout is deadly. Most of the people that died were from radiation poisoning.

How was an atomic bomb repaired?

how was the atomic bomb repaired

Is Pakistani bomb is an Islamic bomb?

If you consider the US atomic bomb is a Christian bomb, the French atomic bomb is also Christian bomb and so on, then you can name the Pakistani atomic bomb an Islamic bomb.

Who discoverd the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb is an artefact, and so an invention. Maybe you meant to ask who invented the atomic bomb ?

What reasons did Truman have to drop the atomic bombs on japan?

since the Japanese Army was actually doing Kamikaza, which means japanese sucide bomb attacks, on the United States Navy. Truman had no other choice to to use the Atomic Bomb on Japan since they refuse to surrender regardless of how Truman explained to them how deadly the bomb is.

When did Pakistan explode their first atomic bomb?

18th May1998, but its not atomic bomb (its nuclear bomb)

Why Germany did not drop atomic bomb?

Germany never had an atomic bomb.

Is there a timeline for the atomic bomb?

porket may atomic , bomb agad,

Who created and used the atomic bomb?

the us created the atomic bomb

Did Thomas Edison build the atomic bomb?

he did not build the atomic bomb