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The Blue Whale is considered to be an endangered species for a number of reasons. There are not many of them.

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When was WHAL-FM created?

WHAL-FM was created in 1981.

Why are blue jays endangered?

The Blue Jay is not an endangered species.

What do Blue whales need to survive?

the blue whal feeds on mostly crill as most whales do!!!! they have special bristles that they use like teeth to eat their food

Is the blue and gold macaws endangered?

No,Blue and Gold macaws are not endangered.

What is the longest whale song ever recorded that is real?

It was recorded for 24 hours non stop, that was the blue whal ( male).

What year were blue whales endangered?

In 1966, the blue whales were starting to get endangered.

Is the blue footed booby endangered?

no it is not endangered

Is the karner blue butterfly endangered?

Yes the Karner Blue Butterfly happens to be an endangered species!

Are blue poison dart frogs endangered?

The blue poison dart frog is the most endangered species

Is the blue banded bee endangered?

No. The blue-banded bee of Australia is under threat, but it is not officially endangered.

Is the blue macaw endangered?

The majority of Macaws are endangered in the wild

Is a blue frog endangered?

Yes it is.. it is quite an endangered species

Is the Blue-Footed Booby endangered?

yes it is endangered

What does Elevator speech mean?

whal it is music

Is a whale an ectothermic vertebrate?

yes a whal is

Why is the great blue heron endanger?

Blue Herons are about endangered as rats. They're very numerous and definitely not endangered.

Is false killer whale endangered?

Yes the blue whale is endangered.

Are blue ringed octopus endangered?

they are endangered only 1 left

Why is the blue throated macaw endangered?

They are endangered because of bird traps.

Is the whal shark bigger than a mobydick?


Why are blue poison dart frogs endangered?

they are endangered because of loss of habitat.

Is the blue whale endangered?

Yes it is endangered. Because of massive whale hunting.

What is making the blue banded bee endangered?

it is not an endangered species, it is not an extinct species

Why are blue eyed cockatoo endangered?

They arent endangered they're common silly!

When was blue whale endangered?


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