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because if it was made out of wood it would burn.

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Q: Why is the case on a hair dryer made out of plastic?
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When was the first hair dryer made?

The first hair dryer was made in 1920 but was very heavy almost like a vacuum cleaner it was not until 1920 when the first proper hair dryer was made.

What is the plastic case?

A case made from plastic.

Why Hair dryers do not have earth wire?

As the hair dryer are made out of plastic they don't conduct electricity so the earth wire (required to make it safe and not let you be electrocuted) is not needed

Is hair plastic?

No, hair is not plastic. Hair is made from protein your body produces.

What hair dryer is most energy efficient?

The most energy efficient hair dryer is the Vidal Sassoon Ecostyle. It is made up of not only new plastic but also re-used plastic to help wit recycling, used 35% less energy, and also is very compact so it uses less material!

What materials is a hair dryer made from?

Plastics, metals and ceramics.

Where is synthetic hair made from?

Synthetic hair is made from acrylic or plastic.

Is hair brushes made out of plastics?

is a hair brush made out of plastic

What are Barbie dolls constructed of?

The head and legs are flexible vinyl. The torso and arms are usually hard plastic, unless they are made to be flexible. In that case, they are also made of vinyl.vinylit was made of make them out of rubber and hair and SOMETIMES plastic

What are toys hair made out of?


What is barbies hair made of?


What is a hair grip made of?

Hair grips can be made with either plastic or metal. Some of them have plastic coating over the top of the metal.

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