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Q: Why is the color wheel important to cosmetology?
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Why is bacteria important to cosmetology?

It is important to learn about bacteria in cosmetology because it is very easy to spead disease from client to client. you need to know whats out there and how to not spread it.

Is it important to go to an accredited cosmetology school?

You probably need to go to an accredited school in order to get a cosmetology license from the state.

Is it important for a stylist to understand the science and theory of colour?

Of course! Especially the color wheel.

What is the color at the center of the color wheel?

the color at the center of the color wheel is white

What is prang color wheel?

Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in the color wheel.

What is the opposite of a color wheel?

There is no antonym for color wheel.

What color does not appear in the color wheel?

Metallic colors do not appear in a color wheel.

What is the opposite of green on the color wheel?

The color RED is opposite green on the color wheel. (see color wheel at the related link below)

What are the colors in the color wheel?

There are different color wheels there is a three color color wheel which is red,yellow,blue

What are the color of color wheel?

The color of the color wheel are red , Orange , yellow , green , blue , purple , pink,

Why is the color wheel important?

The color wheel is the lifeline for any serious painter. It graphically shows you what colors to mix to get the effect you want. For example, we all know that the colors in the tubes or jars of paint are intense and gaudy if used as is. So we have to "grey" them or tone them down. This is done by adding it's opposite color, which will be directly opposite of it on the color wheel. The color wheel can also serves as a quick reference if you need a scheme of analagous colors, with maybe a bright contrast.

What are related colors on the color wheel?

What related colors on the color-wheel