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Why is the colour red lucky for China?

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For Chinese, the color red is considered as a symbol of integrity. Ancient Chinese believe red color can exorcize ghosts and drive away misfortune. So red lanterns, red candles and other red decorations are common on formal occasions. People also write on red paper and then paste it on their doors to express their best wishes on every New Year's Eve. Until the early days of the last century, red is still widely used in Chinese wedding ceremonies. Above all, the color red is part of the Chinese traditional culture.

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i belive that instead of dressing in white they dress in red because that is the lucky colour for china

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the luckey coulor is red

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The color redDragonsRats (for prosperity)

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Why is the color red lucky for China?

. The red color of the packet symbolizes good luck

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Red is considered very luck in Chinese culture.

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Because red is the Chinese lucky colour and they believe red scares away evil spirits.

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because red is the lucky number in CHINA also gold wing WA

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