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Here is a simple example. If you want to go to a town that is 10 km from your home, to the east, and you accidentally go west, north, or south instead (or something in between, for example north-west), you'll end up somewhere else.

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Q: Why is the direction of motion important?
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Why spin motion is important for satellite?

Spin motion establishes a direction for the satellite to point to and stabilizes the satellite.

What happens to the direction of motion of the ball what changes it direction of motion?

A force acting on the ball, at an angle to its line of motion, will cause its direction of motion to change.

How does the direction of friction compare to the direction of Motion?

By definition, friction is opposite of the direction of motion.

Why was retrograde motion important in astronomy?

Retrograde motion important in astronomy because it helped to explain that the planets revolved around the Sun. Retrograde motion is the ability of some objects to rotate in a direction that is opposite what is expected.

How does the direction of friction compare to the direct motion?

The direction of the force of friction is opposite of the direction of the motion.

What describes the motion of the media for a surface wave?

The motion is parallel to wave direction The motion is both parallel and perpendicular to wave direction. The motion is perpendicular to wave direction.

How is the motion in the vertical direction affected by motion in the horizontal direction?

the horizontal motion and the vertical motion are independent of each other

A boy jumps out of a moving bus there is danger for him tofall towards the moving bus or away from bus or in the direction of motion or opposite to the direction of the motion?

In the direction of

How does the direction of the force of friction compare with direction of the motion of a vehicle?

It is in most cases opposite to the direction of motion.

What kind of motion does the speed and direction not change?

Acceleration in motion refers to a change in speed or direction of that object's motion. So a type of motion in which speed and direction do not change is a motion in which the acceleration is constant (i.e. unchanging).

What does the dierection of friction always act?

it acts in the opposite direction of motion or force

How the direction of the force of kinetic friction is related to the direction of an of an objects motion?

Friction always acts opposite to the direction of motion.