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They are called dragonflies because they were first described as tiny winged dragons.

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What is the larvae of a dragonfly called?

the dragonfly larvae is called a nymph.

What is a male dragonfly called?

The male dragonfly of the species is called either a drake or a king. The female is a queen and the baby dragonfly is called a nymph.

What is the Filipino meaning of the dragonfly?

Dragonfly is Tutubi in the Tagalog dialect. In other Filipino dialects other than Tagalog it is called differently. A big dragonfly (Tutubi) is called Tutubing kalabaw and the small dragonfly is called Tutubing karayum.

What is the larva of a dragonfly called?

the larva of a dragonfly is called a nymph, It also lives in water, the dragonfly lives over a pond to catch small bugs.

What is a immature dragonfly called?

A baby, or immature dragonfly is called a nymph. They are considered to be a nymph for only a short time as they become an adult dragonfly very quickly.

What is a female dragonfly called?

There is not a specific name for a female dragonfly. The dragonfly is an insect and belongs to the order of odonata and the suborder of anisoptera.

Does a dragonfly have a tongue?

Only dragonfly nymphs have a tongue-like thing called a labium.

What are the offspring of a dragonfly called?

The offspring of dragonflies are called "nymphs"

What is a catchy slogan for a hotel called the dragonfly?

You might be flying by,but slow it down,stay here,its the Dragonfly

What is the body covering of the dragonfly called?


What is a baby dragonfly called?


What group does the dragonfly belong to?

The dragonfly is an isect and all insect belong to the group called "Insecta". I am really sure of this answer, Thrust me.

Who invented Soldier Front?

A company called Dragonfly.

Why is the dragonfly called the terror you of insect world?

The dragonfly is called the terror of insect world for quite a few reasons. This insect is large and aggressive.

What is the life cycle of the dragonfly?

They begin as an egg, then a nymph and finally, an adult. 1.female dragonfly lays the egg into fresh water 2.egg hatches be dragonfly nymph 3.dragonfly nymph changes into dragonfly 1. Egg 2. Nymph 3. Adult This lifecyle is called an incomplete metamorphosis.

I found a Dragonfly that has a green body and a purple tail and is about two inches long. What type is it?

It is called a Violet tail damselfly or dragonfly

What is a dragonfly expert called?

Someone who studies dragonflies is known as an odonatologist.

What does a dragonfly larva look like?

A dragonfly larvae is called a nymph. It kind of looks like a tiny alien creature. It lacks wings and has a hump on its back.

Where can you find information on a painting or print by hui chi mau called sunflowers and dragonfly?

where can you find info on a watercolour with a sunflower and dragonfly by hui chi mau.

What can a dragonfly do?

a dragonfly can fly in the air

What is the species for a dragonfly?

A dragonfly is an insect.

Why is a dragonfly not a fly?

why is a dragonfly not a fly

What is the name of dragonfly in English?


What are the life stages of a dragonfly nymph?

1. dragonfly nymph 2. dragonfly emerges from nymph stage 3. adult dragonfly

What is the scientific name of the green clearwing dragonfly?

The green clearwing dragonfly is called a Erythemis Simpliciocollis. These tend to be located very close to ponds and come in an array of colors.

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