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The transfer of energy and matter in a food chain is only 10% efficient because 90% doesn't get broken down or used while moving through the food chain.

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Q: Why is the flow of energy through an ecosystem considered inefficient?
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How does energy flow through the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem?

How does energy flow through an ecosystem?

What shows the flow of energy through an ecosystem?

Energy Pyramid

How does energy moves through ecosystem?

the sun

What is the typical movement of energy through an ecosystem?

The typical movement of energy through an ecosystem is upward. This means that food flows through the different animals that eat each other.

What shows how energy moves through an ecosystem is known as what?

energy pyramid

What does not cycle repeatedly through the earths ecosystem?


What do scientists use to describe the way energy flows through an ecosystem?

They use Biomass Pyramid to describe how energy flows to an ecosystem .

Which would be considered an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a system comprised of living organisms and nonliving material working together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. The basic requirements of an ecosystem include a source of energy, the ability to store energy in chemical bonds, and a means by which to recycle essential substances between organisms and the environment.

What is the main process by which energy enters an ecosystem?

Through sunlight.

Why is energy flow through an ecosystem dependent upon continual energy transformations?


Is a path for the transfer of matter and energy through an ecosystem by eating and being eaten.?

Biochemical cycles are the main means of energy transfer through an ecosystem. The transfer of energy by eating and being eaten is called the food chain.

What is the over all flow of energy through an ecosystem?

Energy in an ecosystem flows in whats called the 10% rule. Meaning, as you move up the pyramid 10% of energy is lost.