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Heart is an organ. It's a pumping organ which pumps the blood to the whole body. Organ means a working part of an organism (system)\

Since heart is a working part of our body, therefore it's an organ

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Why is the heart described as a organ?

because it is a vital organ, something that you can't live without

An organ system can best be described?

An organ system can best be described?

Is heart mucle an organ?

The heart is an organ.

Is your heart an organ?

Your heart is an organ AND a muscle.

Is the heart an organ or an organ system?

It is an organ. The heart belongs to cardio-vasculary organ system.

What organ contains the heart?

The heart is an organ in and of itself.

What qualifies the heart as an organ?

the heart is a muscle not an organ

Is the heart a muscular organ?

Yes. the heart is a muscular organ.

Is a heart a organ or a muscle?

heart is a muscular and glandular ORGAN

What organ includes the heart?

The heart is an organ in and of itself. It is the mainstay of the circulatory system. (just to clarify that no other organ includes the heart)

Is the heart a muscle and an organ?

Yes! The heart IS a muscle and is also an organ!

Is the human heart an organ?

Nope. The human heart is a muscle not an organ.

Why is heart not an organ?

yes it is an organ

What would the heart be an example of the organ or organ system?

the heart is an organ while it is a part of the circulatory system

Main organ in circulatory system?

The main organ of the circulatory system is the heart.

Why is the heart an organ and not a tissue?

A heart is made up of tissue (cardiac tissue). By definition, an organ is a group of tissues, therefore the heart is an organ.

What organ system is the heart part of?

the heart is a part of organ system

How do you label a heart?

The heart is an organ

Does a heart reproduce?

no the heart is an organ

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