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Why is the inside of Earth so hot?

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Because there is a inner core which is in the middle of the earth and is very hot and a bit like the sun.

btw this tells you nothing


In part due to radioactive decay of uranium, thorium, potassium-40, etc.; and the insulating effect of the outer layers.

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Why is the water inside the earth is hot?

.The water in the earth is hot because there's lava well magma in the earth so it would be hot of course.

What does earth look like inside?

so hot you can't look at it, but it is red magmyish liquid, lots of explosions and hot hot hot.

How hot is the inside of Earth and what is the hottest temperature inside the Earth?

temperature is 8000К

What is water from a natural hot spring warmed by inside the earth?

magma inside the earth

Why does water inside earth remain hot in winter?

it stays hot in winter because it goes deep inside the earth and possibly stays hot with convection currents

Is the inside of the moon as hot as the inside of the earth?

No, the inside of the moon is solid and cold.

Hot melted rock that is inside the Earth is called?

Magma is molten rock inside the Earth.

What are the temperatures inside earth?

very hot

Is it hot in the center of the earth?

Yes. Magma comes from the center of the Earth, and magma is very hot. That indicates that the inside of the Earth must be hot too.

How hot does it get in the middle of earth?

in the middle of earth gets about 14265 degrees inside.

What is inside the earth?

Rock, Hot Rock, Liquid and metal

Hot melted rock inside the earth is called?


Hot liquid rock deep inside earth?


How hot is the mesosphere inside of the earth?

3000 degrees celsius

Why is difficult to know what inside the earth is like?

It is difficult, because deep inside the earth is hot and we have no machine to bear such extreme heat.

Why the erupting water from the geyser is hot?

the heat from inside the earth heats the water so when it comes up it is hot Iceland is basically on a humongous plume of molten rock. This really hot molten rock heats the water so that's why the water is hot! :)

Heat energy coming from inside earth heat from volcanoes or geysers?

Volcanos and hot geysers do show that heat is coming from inside the earth.

What causes jalapenos to be so hot?

they are so hot because of the seeds on the inside its not the outside

What is energy from hot magma?

geothermal energy is energy from inside the earth

Energy obtained by using hot magma inside earth?


Do we live inside the earth?

No - too hot - we live on the surface (crust).

What is the name of the red hot liquid rock inside the earth?


Is magma the name given to the hot liquid rock inside the earth?


What is a fountain of hot rock bubbling up from deep inside earth called?

hot spot. & your welcome :)

How do we know that earth is hot?

Heat escapes from the inside of the Earth. This can be used for geothermal energy. If you drill deep down inside the Earth, deeper down it is hotter than at the surface.