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It is a result of thousands of years of evolution. But you also have to look at their functions. The left ventricle is pumping deoxygenated blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs and back to the left part of the heart (including the left ventricle) which then pumps the oxygenrich blood out in the body. I guess you can imagine that pumping the blood in the body requires more work than pumping the blood to the lungs and back.

I suggest you read more about the circulatory system and the heart if you have an exam or something that you have to prepare to.

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Q: Why is the left ventricles larger than the right ventricles and why are its walls thicker and more muscular?
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Why left ventricles thicker and more muscular than right ventricles?

because left ventricle pumps the oxygenated blood forcefully to the different parts of the body through the systemic aorta.

Why are the left and right ventricles the same size?

No, your left ventrical is larger in size and has thicker walls, because it deals with more pressure.

What is the muscular wall separating the right and left ventricles?


A muscular wall between the left and right ventricles?

Interventricular septum

Differences between the right and left ventricles?

The right ventricle pumps blood to the lungs, and the left ventricle pumps blood to the body. The left ventricle is much more muscular than the right and has much thicker walls.

What are the lower two chamber's of the heart called?

The lower two chambers of the heart are the ventricles. The left ventricle is larger, with thicker walls, than the right ventricle.

What are the lower two chambers of heart called?

The lower two chambers of the heart are the ventricles. The left ventricle is larger, with thicker walls, than the right ventricle.

Why are the ventricles thinner than the atria?

The walls of the ventricles of the heart aren't thinner than the atria, they are thicker. This is because they require more power as they pump blood around the body, while the atria only pump blood the short distance into the ventricles. More muscular walls are therefore needed to provide this power which is why they are thicker. The left ventricle is even thicker than the right ventricle as it requires a lot more power to pump blood all around the body. The right ventricle only pumps blood to the lungs.

Is the apex of the heart thicker or thinner than the ventricles?

You really can't compare the apex with both because of the apex is made up of only one of the ventricles (the left) and the left is thicker than the right.

Why are ventricles larger than atria?

The ventricles are the part of the heart that are responsible for the pumping action to move blood throughout the body. Therefore, the muscles in the ventricles are much larger and thicker to do their job properly. The atrium only has to pump blood through an open valve (the tricuspid valve) into the right ventricle. There is much less resistance to this flow of blood so much less muscle is needed.

What is the difference between auricles and ventricles?

uricles are part of the atria and serve to increase the volume of the atria. The atria that they are a part of serve to direct blood into the ventricles and are not very muscular. The ventricles are far more muscular than the atria and serve to pump blood to either the lungs or the rest of the body ( the right and left ventricles respectively).

Which walls are thicker in the heart and why?

The wall of the ventricles is thicker than the walls of the atria as they have to be stronger as they have to pump the blood around the body where as the atria only have to pump blood into the ventricles

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