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Q: Why is the length of the diverging section in a venturi meter longer than the converging?
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What are diverging and converging lenses?

Lenses enable individuals to view objects. A Converging lens has a positive focal length, which facilitates the convergence of the exiting rays. While, diverging lenses have a negative focal length, which facilitates the divergence of the exiting rays.

Is a magnifying glass a converging lens or a diverging lens?

A converging lens is a simple magnifying glass when the object is within one focal length of the lens. The image is then virtual, magnified, and right-side up.

What is converging length?

Converging length is the point when two lines or rays of light converge.

How do you find the power of lenses using focal lengths?

Power (F)= 1/focal length (f) focal length f, is measured in meters the power, F, is in dioptres (D) In converging or convex lenses the power is positive In diverging or concave lenses, the power is negative :)

Does a diverging lens have a focal length?

yes it does

What is a negative lens is the same as?

If the lens equation yields a negative image distance, then the image is a virtual image on the same side of the lens as the object. If it yields a negative focal length, then the lens is a diverging lens rather than the converging lens in the illustration.

Which lens has a greater power convex lens of focal length 10 cm or a convex lens of focal length 20cm?

Power is inversely related to the focal length. So convex lens of focal length 20 cm has less power compared to that having focal length 10 cm

Is a double convex lens converging lens?

Yes converging lens. The power of the lens is given by reciprocal of its focal length. Moreover the power for converging action is +ve. So as we place two converging lenses ie convex lenses, then we have to add the powers. Once again the power becomes +ve. So converging action is definite.

What is the different between concave and convex mirror light?

Concave mirror would have the surface curved out get coated with mercury hence curved in surface would reflect the rays fallen on. But convex mirror would have the surface curved in get coated with mercury hence curved out surface would reflect the rays fallen on. Concave mirror would have both converging and diverging ability. When light coming from an object placed at a distance higher than its focal length right from the pole of the mirror, converging takes place. But the object lies in between pole and the focus diverging action. But in convex mirror irrespective of the placement of the object only diverging phenomenon. Concave mirror used as shaving mirror and dentists too use them Convex mirror is used as rear view mirror in case of vehicles near by the driver.

In the distance from a converging lens to the object?

c virtual,upright,and larger than the object.

Why is power is used as reciprocal of focal length?

The tendency to converge the rays decides the power factor. So shorter the focal length converging is tremendous. Hence power is reciprocal of focal length

How do you find the length of a prism with the cross-section and volume?

length = volume/cross-section