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Lido is another word for swimming-pool, so I should think the lido-deck is where the pool is.

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Q: Why is the lido deck on a ship called the lido deck?
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What is the top deck of a ship called?

The top deck name is contingent on the type of ship or vessel. The top deck on a cruise ship is usually called the Lido deck. The top deck on a battle ship is sometimes referred to as topside or poop deck. The poop deck got its name from the amount of birds flying overhead.

The open deck area of a ship?

The open deck of a ship is called the weather deck.

What is the top of a ship called?

a deck...

What is the floor of a ship called?


What is the entrance to the hold of a ship from the deck called?

Deck Flamouse

What is the bottom deck of a cruise ship called?

* Orlop deck: The deck or part of a deck where the cables are stowed, usually below the water line. It is the lowest deck in a ship.

What is the lowest deck of the ship called?


What is an upper deck on a ship?

Its Just called an upper deck. Like the upper deck card.

What is the open deck area of a ship called?

the poop deck i know its discusting

What is the upstairs and downstairs of a ship called?

Lower and upper deck

What is the pole coming from the center of the deck of a ship called?


Can you smoke on Carnival Sensation?

yes but only in some places like out on the lido deck

What are on the various decks on a cruise ship?

That depends on what cruise line and cruise ship, because each ship might have a different naming convention for their decks... named after constellations, mythology, literary figures, etc. To know those for sure, you would have to look up the individual ship. However, here are some general deck terms that are common among ships: Atrium or Lobby deck: The deck with the the shore excursion desk, the photo gallery, etc. Boat deck: The deck area where lifeboats are stored. Bridge deck: The deck area including helm/navigation. Lido deck: The deck where the outdoor swimming pool is. On many ships this is also the deck where the buffet dining is located as well. Promenade deck: The deck that has the "wrap-around porch" with open railings where people can sit and watch the ocean, or walk all the way around the ship. Many ships also have shops on this deck, so it can also be called the "Shopping deck." Spa deck: The deck where the spa is. Sports deck: The deck with a basketball and tennis court, etc. Sun deck: Deck for sunbathing, doesn't usually extend the length of the ship. Upper deck: The highest deck of the hull, extending all the way across the ship from stem to stern.

What is Raised deck at the back of the ship?

A raised deck at the back of the ship. Is a poop deck

What is a long pole coming from the center of a deck of a ship called?


What is the name of the lower levels of a ship?

Each level is called a "deck".

Why was the Titanic called poop deck?

"puppis" means the stern of a ship.

What is the highest deck of a ship called?

Top deck It depends on the vessels construction and size. It could be the poop deck, quarter deck, bridge or flying bridge.

What is another name for a ship deck that is a palindrome?

The "poop" deck on a ship is an elevated deck above the poop cabin, at the rear of a ship.

What is the poop on a ship?

Usually referring to as the "Poop Deck",it is the main deck on a ship.

What is an open-air pool called?


What kind of ship has a runway on it?

It is the aircraft carrier that has a runway called a flight deck.

What is the real name of the suite life on deck ship?

it is called the Independence of the seas

What is the gun port in a ship?

On Sailing ships of old. The "Gun Deck" (Cannons) was the deck just below the top deck. The Cannons were faced out of the side of a ship through port holes called "Gun ports."

What is the cloth on the wine bucket called?

It's called a lido

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