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Why is the mesosphere so cold?

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The mesosphere has thin air, and in thin air the molecules are spaced far apart. There are not enough molecules to collide with each other and other things like a thermometer to make it warm. Also, heat takes a long time to rise up to this level anyway. This accounts for it being so cold.

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What are true statements about the mesosphere?

The mesosphere is the middle layer. It protects the earth's surface, and the mesosphere is very cold.

Why is the mesosphere cold?


Do the temperature rise and drop in the mesosphere?

it is the middle so it is cold and hot by:michael bruce

What are Facts on the mesosphere?

The mesosphere is a very cold layer of the Earth's atmosphere. Also, shooting stars are seen in the mesosphere. The third layer of the atmosphere, the mesosphere, is a very interesting layer and has many facts.

How cold is the mesosphere?

The mesosphere is the 3rd layer of Earth's atmosphere and can be the coldest part of Earth's atmosphere. The top part of the mesosphere can get up to -90 degrees celsius (-130 degrees Fahrenheit).

What temperatures would you expect in the mesosphere?

Which mesosphere? The one for the Earth's atmosphere or for the inside? Well, I'll talk about inside. Extremely hot temperatures (since it is the middle of the Earth's inside) so about a few thousand celsius. The mesosphere in the atmosphere is very cold with temperatures as low as -90 degrees celsius.

Is the mesosphere layer extremely cold or extremely warm?

It is very hot.

Why mesosphere is very cold?

Because you left your fridge open! man what is up with you...

Why is mesosphere temperature cold and thermosphere temperature so hot?

It is so hot here because nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere absorb a lot of radiation from space and convert it to heat.

What temperature would you expect in the mesosphere?

Very cold temperatures and low air pressure.

What is a layer of very thin air and very cold temperature above the stratosphere?


Is the mesosphere hot or cold?

It is a relatively cold atmospheric layer, only slightlywarmer than the exosphere (the outer most layer of Earth's atmosphere).

Is there ozone in the mesosphere?

No. there is no ozone in the mesosphere.

What comes first the lithosphere asthenosphere mesosphere?

So, the order is: Lithosphere Asthenosphere Mesosphere. Remember, that the order goes from the bottom to the top. Yes, relatively speaking the LIthosphere is "first" but from the top. The mesosphere is "first" from the bottom.

What is the relationship between temperature and height in the mesosphere?

The Moeosphere However Receives No Energy From ThE sUN cAUSING iT tO bY vERY COlD

Where is the mesosphere?

The mesosphere is in space it is the 3rd atmosphere.

What the synonyms for mesosphere?

What is a synonym for the word Mesosphere

Does it snow in the mesosphere layer?

No, it does not. There is no snow in mesosphere.

What are the examples of mesosphere?

what are some exaples of mesosphere

What part of speech is mesosphere?

Mesosphere is a noun.

Does mesosphere have ozone?

No. The mesosphere doesn't have ozone.

What is a sentence with heat mesosphere?

The heat that mesosphere generates is immense. Mesosphere is a layer in atmospheric region.

Is the mesosphere solid or liquid?

niether. The mesosphere is a layer of the atmosphere of earth, so it would be a gas. It is the coldest layer of the atmosphere reaching temperatures of -90 C. by mjjm23: No, it is a layer of the earth!! that is wrong, but i don't know the answer! THE ANSWER IS SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE OF THE PRESSURE IN THAT AREA OF THE EARTH IN COMPARISON TO THE MATERIALS IN THE MESOSPHERE. THE MESOSPHERE IS SOLID. BUT YES THE MESOSPHERE IS ALSO THE NAME OF AN ATMOSPHERIC LAYER. BUT IN THE EARTH IT IS SOLID...

In what layer to meteoroids burn up in?

Meteoroids burn up in the Mesosphere. Even though the Mesosphere is the coldest layer, the meteoroids burn up from getting too cold. Meteoroids are also more commonly known as "shooting stars".

What is 'mesosphere?

the third layer of earths atmosphere

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