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Its shortened as "Stan" because he likes it.

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Q: Why is the name Stanislav sometimes shortend to Stas?
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What is the birth name of Stas Marra?

Stas Marra's birth name is Stanislav Marasanov.

What is the birth name of Stas Pekha?

Stas Pekha's birth name is Stanislav Pyatrasov Gerulis.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Ianevski?

Stanislav Ianevski's birth name is Stanislav Yanevski.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Lyubshin?

Stanislav Lyubshin's birth name is Lyubshin, Stanislav Andreyevich.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Landgraf?

Stanislav Landgraf's birth name is Stanislav Nikolayevich Landgraf.

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Stanislav Sadalskiy's birth name is Sadalsky, Stanislav Yuryevich.

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Stanislav Rostotskiy's birth name is Rostotsky, Stanislav Iosifovich.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Khitrov?

Stanislav Khitrov's birth name is Khitrov, Stanislav Nikolayevich.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Fedosov?

Stanislav Fedosov's birth name is Stanislav Viktorovich Fedosov.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Chekan?

Stanislav Chekan's birth name is Chekan, Stanislav Yulianovich.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Borodokin?

Stanislav Borodokin's birth name is Stanislav Yurievitch Borodokin.

What is the birth name of Stanislav Bunin?

Stanislav Bunin's birth name is Stanislav Stanislavovich Bunin.