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Why is the name of your pet not a strong password?

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It would be easy to guessed by both humans and computer programs designed to hack passwords.

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Why is the name of your pet not a strong of a password?

It would be easy to guess. A strong password has at least 8 characters including upper and lower case letters and numbers.

What makes a strong password?

a strong password is a password that no one will ever figure out but you! Unusual characters in a password is very strong.A strong password;Should be 10 or more CharactersShould be use upper/lowercase lettersShould not be your friends, family or own name.Should not be a real word

What would be a password for a hint that is pet?

your pets name or something like that (:

Can you give me a username and password for chaoticgamecom?

Your middle name and the last two digits of your birth year, and for your password type the name of your pet or sibling.

How To Make A Password?

The best passwords are strong ones. They should include at least one special character, numbers, letters (capital and lowercase). They should not be the name of a pet or child.

How can you make a new pet in pet pet park if you already have a pet in there?

No, actually you create a new account then you pick a different user name, same password

What is your moshi monster account i can get you a pet?

My user name is rachel88902 and my password is 5678907!

How do you get nick cash for free on Petpet Park?

type your pet pet park user name and password on other nick sites. for example log in to pet pet park and go to monkey quest. then put in your pet pet park user name and password. then it gives you 100 free NC.you can never get free nc so beat it and go find another site

Where is your password to unlock your pet dog?

wheres the password to your dog

What is the password hint for mart?

password hint years and pet

What is the password for the other item in littlest pet shop garden?

there is no password that i know so get a littlest pet and find out

Exemples of hint password?

Pet name Bffs name boy friends name family members name teachers name or schools name or your enemy's name.

What is the password if the hint is dog?

Impossible to answer ! It could be a specific breed or a pet dog's name.

What constitutes a strong password?

What constitutes a strong passwor

How do you avoid hacking on zwinky?

If you want to avoid hacking on zwinky... If someone asks you your password , lie about your password If someone does hack your acount but doesn't change your password you need to check if the e-mail you put down and you pet name , teachers name , etc is the same then you need to change your password by logging out then clicking forgot password.

How do you make a strong password which will protect from net hacker?

A strong password is a must when you are accessing websites that have a lot of your personal information such as banking info or school loans. To create a strong password, do not use names or words that are easily identified with you, such as people you know, your dogs name, or the type of car you drive to name a few. You will also want to incorporate a mixture of letters and numbers if the website will allow, and try to create passwords that are at least 6-8 characters in length. For example, the password "goat" would not be a very strong password. However, if you created the password "goat764ever" then it would be MUCH harder for a person or a computer program to crack.

What is the name of the pet shop on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

I just went to the videos on Nick.com and got the answer, its "Pet Shop". I was watching the comic on Nick.com and it said I needed to know the name of it. I didn't and failed, lol. It was just called "Pet Shop"? Damn! That's worst than Josh's (Drake and Josh) password being "Password".

How can I measure password strength?

The password strenght should have a bar to tell you how strong or weak your password is....

What is the password for the pet murky?

This might be it... abdgeidje12

How do you get to littlest pet shop?

You have to get a littlest pet shop toy and get a password off of that toy

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