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You can't see Mercury from earth in the day because it is close to the sun and you can not get a visual of it with your naked eye. It is also very small. if you think i am wrong serch the web its true!

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Why is planet mercury so difficult to see?

Because its too far away.

Why does Mercury have an average density that is close to that of earth even though Mercury is a smaller planet?

That might be an indication that Mercury has a similar composition to Earth. For more details, check the Wikipedia articles on Earth, and Mercury, to see what is believed to be inside each planet.

Why is mercury difficult to observe from earth?

It is difficult to see Mercury as it is so close to the sun and inside Earths own orbit. From Earth it never appears far from the sun, either directly behind it or in front of it - you can only see it just after sunset or before sunrise. It is difficult to see due to the brightness of the sky at this time.

Why is it so hard to see the planet mercury?

It is hard to see the planet mercury because Mercury is far away, Also the sun reflects off Mercury to make it hard to see.

Can you see mercury without telescope?

There are certain times of the year, depending on where you live on the Earth that the planet Mercury is visible without the use of a telescope.

Can we see any planets from mercury?

Yes. You could probably see all of the planets that you see from Earth as well as Earth itself. You might also be able to see Uranus as well from the night side of Mercury. Uranus is generally too faint to be seen from Earth but Mercury, which would not be much farther away from than Earth is, has no atmosphere to distort or obscure light from the planet.

Does Mercury have a source of light?

Mercury is a planet; it does not glow on its own. It reflects the light of the Sun. Because Mercury is so close to the Sun, it is difficult to see because it is normally hidden in the Sun's glare.

Which planet would be most difficult to see from Earth?

Probably Mercury, since you would have to be looking in the direction of the Sun, the overwhelming glare of which makes it almost impossible to see anything else in that direction. Or, it could be Neptune. You can't see Neptune without a telescope.

What is the most dense planet?

Mercury has a density of 5.427 g/cm³ Earth has a density of 5.515 g/cm3 So Earth is the most dense planet. [See discussion for more information] NB: Mercury is the most dense planet in our solar system when not accounting for gravitational compression.

What is the planet that does not see the moon?


what part of earth do you have to be to see the planet Mercury?

are you drunk? England,Isle of Wight , and sandown bay academy , your welcome :)

Can you see mercruy from Earth?

No. You can not see Mercury from Earth!

How do you get from earth to Mercury?

step one you need to blast off in a rocket step two pass Venus and step three then you should see the planet mercury.

Can you see planet mercury at night with telescope.?

You can see it just before sunrise and just after sunset depending on the relative positions of the Earth and mercury. It is very close to the sun so you will need to know when and where to look

How many days does it take to get from Earth to Mercury?

This question is difficult to answer as both Earth and Mercury are moving in orbits round the Sun. This means that at some times Earth and Mercury are on opposite sides of the Sun and at some times they are on the same side. Thus when you try and send a spacecraft form Earth to Mercury you have to plan for how the earth is moving, how Mercury is moving (where it will be when the spaceship gets there) and how to slow the spacecraft down. For instance NASA's MESSENGER will fly by Earth, Venus and Mercury several times to burn off energy before making its final approach to the inner planet on March 18, 2011. See the link I will place below.

Which planet is called the morning and evining star?

Depending on where it and the Earth are in their orbits, the planet Venus can be either the "morning star" or the "evening star". In ancient times, some astronomers used the term for the planet Mercury, but in our light-polluted era, Mercury is tough to see.

Why is it difficult to spot planet mercury?

Being the innermost planet, it is very close to the sun and so is visible only near sunrise and sunset when the sky is often still light. It is very difficult to see it against the sun's bright disk.

What planet its ring is difficult t see?

planet farthest from the sun

What is this planet?

This planet is called earth... to see the earth from out of space view

What is the real color of the planet Mercury?

The planet Mercury is the color grey, simply because this planet has little to no atmosphere, therefore we just see the rocky surface.

How does Earth rate among planets in terms of size?

Earth is the largest "terrestrial planet" and 5th largest major planet in the solar system.It is larger than Mercury, Mars, and Venus.Planets in order of size, smallest to largest :MercuryMarsVenusEarthNeptuneUranusSaturnJupiter(see related link)

How long are the days or years for the planet Mercury?

The planet Mercury spins very slowly, once every 58.646 Earth days. It orbits the Sun very rapidly, once every 88 Earth days. The combination of these motions leads to an unusual situation. The length of a "solar day" (sunrise to sunrise) on Mercury is 176 Earth days, or twice as long as the year. (See related questions)

Why do you think it is hard for astronometers on earth to learn about mercury?

It is because Mercury is close to the Sun and that makes it difficult to see. I saw it at New Year 2015 but it had vanished a few days later.

Which planet from Earth can you see at night?

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all visible at the right times, without binoculars or a telescope.

What planet has an asteroid?

The Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have many asteroids - they are contained in a belt called the Apollo Asteroids [See related question]